Al Roker Takes Jab at Matt Lauer for Ann Curry Firing

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Matt Lauer, you've been served. By your very own co-worker.

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    Ann Curry had class and good ethics. She deserved to stay on the show as an example of honesty and decency.


    I cannot believe the way they handled the firing of Ann Curry. I don't think I can ever watch the Today Show anymore. I am thourghly disgusted with the way they treated Ann Curry. They should have all stood together instead of blaming one person for the poor ratings.


    Ann Curry is the most caring and compassionate news reporter I have ever watched. She has the voice and the body language that says she cares!!!


    Matt threw Ann under the train. When he threw Ann he should have thrown himself under as well. He thinks Ann is too old and past her prime, well Mr. Lauer should take a good look in the mirror himself before he throws himself under with Ann. BRING ANN BACK!!!!! Where does Savanah belong if Ann comes back????? In the backseat of Uncle Matt Lauers car. Oh they thought TMZ would never find out???? HA HA HA


    AL is RIGHT! Matt knew what he was doing and could have helped Ann but didn't. WHAT A DIVA HE IS!!! I've quit watching the Today Show but NBC still has some amazing, respectable, professional and worthy of being watched. When MATT goes maybe we'll come back as a faithful TODAY SHOW viewer.



    Watch out Al !!! That was pretty bold and it will probably come back to bite you in the butt! I know it probably felt good at the time. just watch your back! Ann is gonna be fine. She is still alive and doing what she loves that is being a reporter and not a talent show host.


    i really enjoyed watching Ann on the today show...and looked forward to family was so sorry to see her go she was such a real down to earth person ...thank you Ann from all of us for not being fake like the rest of them....dont you let anybody keep you down...i saw you in london and you seem so sad...i can see it in your face dont let any of them do that to you....there not worth it...shame on you matt lauer....


    Sorry, but Ann Curry bothered me, the way she interviewed people with herself hunched over and too close to the person, also her voice was monotone. And for all the Al Roker fans, no one remembers how he would make fun of Willard Scott (as Scott got older) he would mess up once in awhile and who made fun of him? Roker, who rescued him? Matt Lauer , This is the truth , he never made fun of the older Willard, so I am hoping that come contract time Al just leaves, he can be replaced. Like I said, people are forgetting some of the boring DAYS with Ann , did she ever laugh? tell a joke? I never liked her way of doing the news. So what if she was or is nice? hp hip hooray, but you need to do more than sit like a zombie and showing no interaction with others. I could not have been the only one who saw this.


    Ann Curry was the classiest person on the show. She and Al are my favorites. I like Meredith a lot but not for the Today show - she never seemed quite comfortable there either. I missed Katie when she left. As for Matt Lauer, I've always thought he was a conceited jerk and now I have confirmation.

    @ Robin

    Robin is right about Ann Curry she had no style, always hunched over during interviews. But Matt Lauer is another bookend - he is so conceited, it is a wonder he can hold his head straight. Plus he isn't even an attractive man. Get rid of him - the public don't like or enjoy Matt. Roker isn't much better. That S. Guthrie has the worse legs on TV she should wear pants suits like Hilary C. She is too big in stature for Matt - he is a wee guy and she appears horsey. Sorry Savanah.


    Ann C. was the best on the Today, they should have got rid of that know it all Matt L. he is the worst. We should all give up watching Today, Al get out while you can, you are better than that. Leave Matt with his two new young ones

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