The Today Show Chooses Kris Jenner Over 9/11 Tribute

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Turns out, the Ann Curry firing debacle was NOT the lowest point to which The Today Show could sink.

At 8:46 a.m. today - the time at which the first place hit the World Trade Center 11 years ago - New York City and Washington, D.C. held a moment of silence in memory of 9/11. All the cable networks, Good Morning America and CBS This Morning all provided coverage of the tribute.

The Today Show aired an interview with Kris Jenner.

Savannah Guthrie and Kris Jenner

In NBC's defense, Jenner touched on her decision to air footage of herself getting breast implants reduced, telling Savanna Guthrie of the filmed procedure and why she's a role model:

It's necessary to "change them after 10 years... it was so important, health-wise, to remind women to check your expiration date because it's a health risk."

Jenner also spoke on the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, labeling the rapper as a a "really a great guy" and adding:

"I think they are well suited for each other and I think they are really, really happy and anybody who has kids knows that when your kids are happy, you are happy."

So it's not like Today chose to run meaningless, ratings-grabbing fluff in lieu of honoring the victims of our nation's most horrific tragedy.


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Sad to see the network I grew up with to sink to such depths. The Today Show does not do true news, and for its treatment of such a professional as Ann Curry they should bow their heads in shame. And to air a boob job on September 11th? --give me a break! You have no conscience or sense of national pride or patriotism. It seems to be just the money--Matt hope you enjoy the earnings you get over and beyond what most of us earn for more honest work!


Never forget...
Executives, Matt, Savanah, Today Show - never again will I watch the mindless trash or excuses. One moment to recognize one of America's most tragic events, selflessness, and courage. Shame on you all for the lack of respect and journalist ethics. Never again


NBC makes me sick, anyway (yes, liberal, left wing, no "fairness" whatsoever. I'm at work before the shows come on, but know what? I'm gonna DVR GMA and run it for back ground noise when I get home so they credit for my watching it in the ratings. I decided to do that anyway after the Ann Curry debacle (it should have been Lauer they got rid of - he makes me SICK). GO GMA! And yeah, the Kardashians? Who the eff are they anyway?


I say we have a nationwide boycott of NBC....they have become as unamerican as you can get...Kris Jenner is the mother of the modern day Gabor sisters and her story should not trump honoring the victims and heroes of 9/11


that is so trashy ,I'm cringing , the network should apologise and then go bankrupt


Get rid if them who the heck cares about Chris boobs or any of her othe BS. NBC u are disgusting. Hope all the rateing go to hell


NBC, part of the same company, that owns, MSNBC. A pro-Obama, anti-American, liberal media, outlet. What do you expect. Romney for President.


Maybe this is why the ratings for them have fallen...instead of getting rid of someone like Ann Curry, maybe they need to look a the managers and get rid of them. It was an insenitive more on their part and people will not for get.


@gw..ur kidding right? u deserve to lose someone u love in a tragedy like 9/11 if u are really as ignorant as ur post is..stupid mofo!!!


Kris Jenner is known for what? Really important that her boob jub trumped the 9/11 memorial! Another show featuring this family is deleated from my list of channels!