Kris Jenner to June Shannon: Shame on You!

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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? More like Here Comes the Pot Calling the Kettle Black...

With June Shannon and her eccentric brood racking up ratings for TLC, sources tell Radar Online that Kris Jenner is fuming. She's supposed to be the only money-making Mom-ager out there!

“To say Kris is not a fan of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is an understatement,” an insider says. “She thinks the Thompsons are classless, unlike her family, and can’t understand why America is so fascinated by them."

It's true. When you think of Kim Kardashian, the first word you think of is class.

June Shannon Picture

Reportedly "threatened by [Shannon's] success," Jenner allegedly claims Shannon is "exploiting" her children in a "ploy to make money."

We'll give you a moment to stop laughing over the irony of those remarks...

... all good? Read our latest Here Comes Honey Boo Boo recap and weigh in: When it comes to June Shannon, Kris Jenner is...


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Somebody should run this fat little cocksucker through a wood chipper ..


Stephen I love that you called her a succubus that was too funny!


I think as an outsider you all missed the blatantly obvious... when she said "class" she meant money, not class as in respect or dignity.
Yes, she pimped her daughters sex tape out. which where I come from is the lowest, and I mean LOWEST thing a mother could ever think to do. Feed you're kids fried chicken hahahahaha . that's love right there


I want to get paid for burping and farting on camera too. I bet I can fart louder and longer than the honey boo boo clan.


Okay on the side of Kris Jenner/ we all know she is a fame whore as described by her daughters, the only difference between the little fat kid and the overstuffed older if you will fat kid(no not Khloe) she is beautiful, but the I only care about me Kim is the little fat kid hasn't f....ed her way to infamy yet. Chris shouldn't throw stones because even her husbands first family can't handle her appetite for infamy sans no invites to family events from the family that doesn't have to prostitue it self to make cash. Honey Boo Boo's parents should be shot and so should Mrs. Jenner rhetorically speaking. I love you khloe you are a good kid.


You people are so ass backwards its no wonder our society is the way it is. The Kardashians have built a brand from their name and they do work extremely hard for what they have. June Thompson is the opitomy of white trash and they live in the most disgusting conditions. Alana is overweight because just like the rest of the clan she shoves her face with junk food and "Go Go juice" Then there's the pregnant 17 year old that appears to not anything going for her life except popping out kids all while her mother is blowing snot into her hanky on camera complaining about her flea investation....But the Kardashians are bad?? You all must be from the same incest trash colony that the Thompson's came from because they are far from good parents and they ARE pimping their kid out


Kris Jenner is a succubus


When I think of Kim K. I think of fake, loser, and pretty much she doesn't know her own identity because it changes with every man she is with. Hey not alone she uses people just for ratings and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the long run. My guess is the only true person might be Rob since he gets treated like crap all the time from them.


at least june comes off honest not like that phony jenner i think she is jealous because someone else is getting better ratings you go june show them all up..nene


dont watc!!!!!!! kHNOCK IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK!! bruce genner you were someone we could look up too. you are a disgrace in the world f sports. your 2 daughtrs are brats!!!!!!