Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Recap: Sugar Bear Necessities

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June Shannon may dominate the world of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but Sugar Bear stepped in to the spotlight on last night's episode of this nauseating TLC hit.

Yes, it was Mike's time to shine, as the birth father of Alana Thompson surprised his brood with a pool. Find out a lot more in our following patented +/- recap of the action down south...

Sugar Bear Photo

The family goes shopping at a store called "Shh! It's a Wig!" (PLUS 4 for the name) because June believes fake hair is the key to her child's pageant success. But Sugar Bear steals the show, trying on a mullet because he wants to be taller and getting turned on by June going blonde. ("It makes me feel a little frisky and I kind of wanted to jump some bones.")

MINUS 27 because... ewwww!

Even though his "putting-together skills ain't that good," Sugar Bear builds the aforementioned pool for his family. PLUS 6 because that's actually a nice gesture and then MINUS 6 right back for June later showing how appreciative she is of her man by referring to him as "emotionless."

At dinner, the gals grill June on why she won't marry Mike, seeming the only decent man among her many baby daddies, despite being with him for eight years. Says Shannon: "Relationships come and go, but my kids will always be forever. Family is always first, period." MINUS 12 for not counting your child's father as part of the "family."

"We're not fat, we're pleasingly plump." - Sugar Bear earning himself PLUS 7 points.

The Thompsons go dumpster diving and then watch fireworks, as we give Alana PLUS 5 for declaring it the "best day of my life!" We can't reign on a kid's enthusiasm.



nine out of ten times when they photograph this kid she (the one that is supposed to be a "beauty"?) is sitting with legs wide open, just makes me wonder what's going on here. i hate they way that grizzly filthy old man is always looking at her. is he the father of that one young girls baby???? good grief! dcys should get those kids out of there while they can. i guess they are being watch though......scarey


Heather, did you have insomnia from that massive rod up your up backside?


I hope “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,� doesn’t end up like “Jersey Shore� or “Teen Mom.� I am curious to see this show after my co-worker at Dish talked about it, and the title alone had me interested. I added this show to my DVR recordings on my Hopper, and I will watch this on my next day off. I like that I have 2,000 hours of recording space, and I can get caught up on all my favorite shows. I don’t think I would ever put my child in beauty pageants, but I’m going to save my opinion for after I’ve watched this show.


Whoever said that TV was a vast wasteland must be doing cartwheels in his grave these days. This show just takes this remark to a higher plane. lols


great comments HEATHER. i agree. i bet he filled the pool with a truck that drains other peoples septics!!!! whaaahahahahahahaa....


dear heather, get over yourself. This family is one of the most refreshing things i've seen in fakey t.v. land in a lonnngggg time. I hope they make tons of monayyyyyyy!


Tobacco juice in the beard, and corners of the mouth. Farting at the table. Big ring of dirt under the jowls when she tipped her head back.


Having insomnia last night i actually watched this crap. There is nothing cute about any of this. They look slovenly and disgusting. They take baths but was their hair in the sink, which has a bucket under it that has to be emptied??? He buys a pool but cant fix the sink? The way she lets those kids eat is horrible, does she not see what they will be in the future? Overweight and unhealthy. My bf rolled over at one point and asked what was wrong because i had a horrified expression the whole time. Just disgusting white trash


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