Katie Couric: Kate Middleton Too Thin, "Needs to Eat More"

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Discussing her new show Katie and which celebrities she'd like to interview, Katie Couric made some surprisingly candid remarks about one in particular.

"I think it would be interesting to interview Kate Middleton because she has comported herself so well since she has been thrust in the limelight," she said.

However, she added, "I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin.”

Gorgeous Kate Middleton
Skinny Kate Middleton

Royal sources consistently reiterate that there is no problem with Kate's dietary habits, yet speculation and discussion about Kate's slender frame persist.

Some even think it may be at least part of the reason that the newlyweds have yet to become pregnant, despite their expressed desire to start a family.

It is not clear why Couric - who was granted exclusive access to the Royals for her ABC News Special - would have made the extraordinary comments.

She surely meant no harm, but the weight topic is a sensitive one to say the least at the palace, especially given Princess Diana's battle with bulimia.

Kate Middleton is not bulimic, obviously, and even seems to have put on (a little) weight in the past few weeks, though she remains naturally thin.

The palace has not yet responded to Couric's comments. What do you think? Is she out of line? Leave a comment and vote in the survey below:

Kate Middleton: Too Thin?

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I hope Kate Middleton ever get squashed by a fat man of 900 pounds . LoL


She was much heavier in the early years that they showed her, and trying to loose weight for the wedding. I don't call that natural. She's getting older and it shows. She should exercise and build some muscletone. Often her outfits are not flattering also. It's too bad they waited so long to marry.


Kate Middleton looks smashing.. if someone was bulimic you'd see it in their face itself.. Kate's gorgeous. Gorgeous!


YO katie, we are not all little roly poly porkers like you. Leave her alone.


This is exactly why I cannot stand KATIE COURIC! Her nose is always stuck somewhere it doesnt belong! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS LADY!! If I were Ms. Katie Id be more focused on making sure my show lasts more than ONE SEASON!


I feel strongly about women supporting and not attacking other women personally. Having said that, I don't think this was an attack at all. Should she have said it? Prob not, but it was not said with any sort of malice and she did not go on and on about it. Btw- IF she did have an issue with food these so called Royal sources would not have any clue about it. I actually don't even know anybody that thin but everyone is so sensitive that we're not allowed to acknowledge that. It is unusual, no? She certainly was not at all that thin in her college pics. Stranger things have have happened.


I cannot believe how bad mannered people are. To make personal comments about someone's weight in this way beggar belief. Kate is very slim indeed but you can see by her face that she doesn't have a "problem". During the past year or so she has been flung into the spotlight, people speculate constantly on very personal matters such as when she will have a baby, where she buys her clothes and how much they cost (along with her make-up and hair), which days she goes to the supermarket, where she bought a wet suit, etc. etc. this is enough stress to make anyone keep the weight off. Let her get on with her life - after all, a huge amount of it is private.


Here we go again a member of the press. Doesn't mean anything by her coments. BS Shut the Fuck up Katie I run the universe w/my no one asked you for your two-cents. This was just the kind of shit that screwed w/Princess Diana's self-esteem. If you didn't mean anything by it then why did you mention it at all Lying B----! Keep to your own business and leave The Royal Family alone. Your comments are not wanted nor needed. Worry about your own life and quit trying to stir up-shit by acting like the all important know it all oracle that you seem to think you are. The Royal Family has been in the highest of circles way before you were even let in the studio to sniff at The Chair that Barbara Walters set in. They will be there when your sorry ass is no longer a memory. Why do you think you are so damn important that anyone would give two cents to here anything you have to say. Shut up and blow away already.


Some people are just naturally very thin...but Kate is not one of them. She used to be a very healthy weight(still thin, but healthy). Now, she is a little too thin and could benefit from eating a few carbs. I agree with Katie, and I don't think her words were outragous, mean-spirited or inaccurate. I love how Katie's not afraid to speak the truth. Kate is gorgeous regardless of her weight, I just hope she isn't this thin because she is feeling pressure to be perfect.


I do agree with Katie. The Duchess is way tooooo thin. Don't forget the camera adds 10 pounds or so they say.
She just doesn't look healthy right now.

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