Prince William "Keen" to Start Family With Kate Middleton

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In a rare interview, Prince William gave ABC News the clearest sign yet that he and his wife Kate Middleton are planning to try for a baby soon.

In an interview to mark his grandmother’s diamond jubilee - 60 years on the throne - the future king said starting a family is a top priority.

Discussing his military plans, Prince William, who will himself turn 30 next month (Kate Middleton turned 30 this winter), told Katie Couric:

"More importantly, I’d rather like to have children. That’s the key thing really."

"But I’m just very keen to have a family and both Catherine and I, you know, are very much looking forward to having a family in the future."

When asked whether there was anything he would like to announce, the prince said coyly: "You won’t get anything out of me. Tight lipped."

Fortunately, Couric didn't overtly ask about the recent pregnancy rumors.

William and brother his Prince Harry opened up during an interview at Clarence House in London for The Jubilee Queen, ABC's special series on her.

Watch another portion of the special feature after the jump:


Long life, Happiness and Beautiful babies ! This is my wish for you. You are truly are beautiful couple.Your wonderful mother would be so proud of you. God rest her soul in absolute peace.


Oh good grief! Just copulate and get it over with like all other homo sapiens on the planet! If she's not preggers yet (short of having a fertility problem)...the Prince must not be KEEN enough on the whole concept of procreation! Maybe Kate doesn't want to lose that figure since she's spent a fortune on such lovely clothes. Guess a surrogate mother's kind outta the question here, too, eh???


may almighty God grant the prince william and wife,long life,joy,peace,understanding,knowledge and prosperity. I am happy for both of you. I would like to be ur cleaner or gardner or nanny if you choose me. God bless you both


I just hope he is happy but his Grand Mother killed his mother and the reason she raised the both of them and that is what she wanted to do raise them and get rid of their mother.


goodluck for you both, and I'll be proud to be your Nanny, if you choose me , to take good care of your baby, even if its a twin ??


Awe, they are such a sweet couple. They were smart to wait until they were more mature to marry. Now they are confident in who they are and are ready to live out their marriage and their royal roles. Way to go!


Good for u Prince William


Fuck middleton.

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