Kanye West Raps to Mitt Romney: Pay Your Taxes!

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Poor Mitt Romney.

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    SHUT YOUR DUMB A$$ UP KANYE!! your opinion became null and void as soon as you aligned yourself with the ignorant a$$, money hungry, SOUL-LESS pigtrashians


    If Mitt becomes Pres he forget bout us white okies and take our trailers cuz we cookin meth and have us sleep in shelters o no amy what will i do then and i need a toothbrush


    White sure did colonize America for their own advantage.They stole land.They killed innocent women and kids.They screwed blacks and tortured indians.They had affairs and sex out wedlockg


    Who cares if jews and french hate muslims or u claim they do well -seems the topic is bout whites hating everyone.And whites still live in fear today of minorities its funny and shows their ignorance.


    White colonized due to power and fear of indians controlling land that was indian land to begin with and euros brought disease to america.and jap-amer were in camps for fear of backfire and deceit.


    Did you intentionally use the username KKK Katie?



    White americans destroy america.
    (White people colonized America.)

    they started slavery.
    (Weren't the Egyptians the most famous slaveholders in history?)

    they fear mexicans.
    (Citation needed.)

    they put japanese-americans in camps.
    (During a period of war, and for their own protection.)

    they brought disease to america.
    (Actually the Spanish were the first country to introduce disease to America.)

    they hate muslims.
    (As do Jews, the French, etc.)

    whites create hate cause they hate everyone so vote white romney and make hate live.
    (Yet your post was full of tolerance and love.)


    2lemetelya yo mamy is stoopid wite boy. I'm a womin & I wood fuck u up. Beeleev it! U cracas is on welfare & food stamps thas y u always sayin it bout sombody else. It don't matta stupid as if is tru o not. He the pres now & he gon b agin nex time. If u don't like it git the fuck out. Shit face wite boy


    @KKKKatie U dumb as hell urself! Kinda like dat man in da White House. You be a bruther, eh? Obama he don't say nuthin' about da movie cause he know'd it all true. But dat okay wid da bruthers long as he keep givin' da hand outs. Gimme dem fine entitlements meantime my old lady she don't take dat free birth control. No sir, cause Obama he give us money and food stamps to feed dem babies we cant' afford. Yeah, don't need no birth control...just dem entitlements. It cool then, brutha.


    @dana girl use about a dum ass y woud pres O hafta defen hiself about some stupid ass moviem u stupid as hell

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