Maxwell Drew Johnson: Jessica Simpson Posts First Pic on Twitter!

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Jessica Simpson's daughter is a big girl!

Days after providing the world an amazing Jessica Simpson cleavage shot, the new mother shared another adorable new photo on her Twitter.

Maxwell Drew Johnson, whom she and fiance Eric Johnson, 32, welcomed into the world on May 1, sure is a cutie in her social media debut.

Check out Jess' baby girl, eight weeks old:

Jessica Simpson Baby Pic

"Howdy friends," Simpson, 31, wrote in the caption along with the pic of her adorable little daughter, dressed in a red and white striped onesie.

"I absolutely love my family," the first-time mom gushed. "Maxwell amazes Eric and I every day with every little thing she does!"

When she's not tending to Maxi, she's got other things on her mind - namely shedding the pounds as part of her $4 million Weight Watchers deal.

"The cool thing about the program is that it focuses on healthy habits for the long-term," says Jess. "I can still indulge my guilty pleasures every now and then, too. I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me."

Good luck, girl. Good luck. And post more photos.

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Sometimes they never grow into their features....For her sake I hope she does. Being overweight from the start does not help.


I am sure she is a sweet baby but she is not cute. But she can grow into her features and be a cute little girl.


Hey Julie, just because the"baby" is a "baby" does not make it cute or adorable because this overstuffed , gigantic thick mouthed baby is sooooo far from cute or adorable!!! It is Ugggggglllllyyyyy!!!! So mind your own business! I feel sorry for Jessica if this is the best she can do!


To Julie get a life!! That baby is so damn ugly it is pathetic! I don't care what you think! There are many beautiful babies out there and this one is definitely not one of them! You must be blind!!!


Whoever thinks Maxwell is ugly ur the most meanest person in the world. That baby is too cute... she looks like Jessica and her daddy. Don't hate! That baby did nothing to you for you to be mean to her!!!


To Carol this is not at all about jealousy!
It is about how ugly and disgusting that kid looks !!! so mind your own business.


When did it become acceptable to make fun of somebody's baby? There's a lot of jealous people out there!!!!!


Those of you saying she's cute have got to have vision problems!! She is soooo NOT cute!!! Ugly is the word for her!!!


It has more jowls than a bloodhound!


She is not cute at all!! Get some glasses!!!
She looks like a blob...