iPhone 5 Release Date: Coming September 12?!

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Start scraping together your $200, because Apple just announced - without overtly saying as much - that it's totally releasing the iPhone 5 next week!

The tech giant sent out invitations to various media outlets, beckoning them to an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on September 12.

The implication of what's being unveiled then is clear:

iPhone 5

Of course, the invite doesn't officially say the iPhone 5 is being released then, but the shadow "5" and the tagline "it's almost here" kinda give it away.

Might as well go stand in line now so you can get yours ... could be cutting it close. According to uncorroborated iPhone 5 rumors, it will feature:

  • Brighter, newer colors for the body and screen
  • Greater durability
  • Slightly bigger screens
  • A thinner frame
  • An even faster A6 processor
  • Better battery life
  • Intermittently racist Siri (kidding)
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Do any of you know how much it cost to make a iPhone??? Not even 20$. We are in a recession and apple charging up to 650$ without a contract. Lol people like you is what keeps us in this hole. It's embarrassing that the hole world makes $$$ off the us but we can't even pay back out crazy USA debt. Anyways good luck with you narrow minded ways.


The official iphone 5 release date is September 21st, they will most likely be unveiling it on the 12th tho


OMG LIKE REALLY IT'S NOT THAT EXPENSIVE!! IM 23 and this to me for an iPhone is a great price!!! PLUS MY PLAN WITH AT&T with an iPhone is the best -->$85p/m ... I got a great phone and a great deal for everything unlimited!!! IPHONE 5 HERE I COME AS SOON AS I GET AN UPGRADE IM GOIN FOR THE PHONE!


FINALLY! I'm so excited about this. For all of you crying about the price tag, get over it! If you want the best, you pay for it. Nobody is forcing you to have the phone, or sign the contract. I love AT&T! Their customer service is always top notch. I've been with them since they were AT&T the first time, 2003. I'll never switch. Yay iPhone 5! Yay AT&T!


FINALLY! I'm so excited about this. For all of you crying about the price tag, get over it! If you want the best, you pay for it. Nobody is forcing you to have the phone, or sign the contract. I


To reply to the first post.
Tiffani. Stop being cheap! No no one is forcing you to get an IPhone. If you want it you gotta pay... Otherwise stick with you motorola startack. : )


Phone prices are outrageous and so are these plans especially family plans and for additional services the prices are rediculous, and I hate that you have to commit for 2 yrs, their should be a 1yr option, the termination costs are redic as well and people have to pay a fortune they don't meet the update time frame, their shouldn't even be a time, the cost should just remain the same not any higher.


is being deaf mute a problem?


I'm about to break off my contract with AT&T. Their prices are getting outrageous. I am going to compare and see who has the best offer. Heck, maybe I'll go with a pre-paid deal. I'm sick of crappy contracts.


*sticker, not stick