Farrah Abraham and John Parra: It's Over!

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and John Parra, a board operator for the On-Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show and her boyfriend of two months, have split.

Unwillingness to go to first base may have been a deal-breaker.

"What went wrong was that he was upset I wouldn’t kiss him and make more time for him and move to LA,” Farrah tells In Touch, confirming the breakup.

“He texted me saying he didn't want to talk any more.”

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Farrah, who adds that John only met her daughter Sophia, 3, once, never replied back to John’s cold text because she felt that he was moving too quickly.

“I have my values in line and I stick to them," she says. "I'm happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with a guy who seems controlling and clingy.”

“I'm happy I shield Sophia from any guy drama that is caused by whomever I'm dating at the time ... I'll date again. I'm ready to find a real partner now."

For now, though, you could say she's "On My Own" ... or "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom." (Those are her amazing new songs. Follow the links.)


It's interesting to read how she claims to have values, since its in the news she's just made a porn video. What a laugh.


Jp I look forward to your comments about this trashy woman. I dislike her as well. However should you really criticise her for sleeping with you on the first date? You also slept with her on the first date.


I didn't like watching her on tv, I wonder how anyone could stand her I real life?


What a joke I dated her in Florida for 2 months she slept with me the very first night.
She was using this guy for opportunity.

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