Farrah Abraham "On My Own" Music Video: Even Worse Than Her First Song?!

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Farrah Abraham may have outdone herself, and we don't mean that in a good way.

We almost feel we owe the Teen Mom star an apology for debating whether her debut single, "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom" was the worst song ever.

Turns out it may not even be the worst song by this one aspiring artist! Our bad!

Overproduced and auto-tuned to an incomprehensible degree, "On My Own" is tough to understand, both visually and audibly. Do so at your own risk.

We don't know Farrah Abraham personally, and we're sure she's a very nice young woman and a good mother. But music may not be an ideal career path.

The video is basically a montage of amateur footage of Farrah and daughter Sophia, who's a real cutie, but the whole thing is bizarre to say the least.

FYI, "On My Own" corresponds to the chapter by the same name in Farrah's memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended. So if you've read it, that's cool maybe.

Tell us: What do you think of Farrah Abraham's song "On My Own"?


Can you say "auto tune"? Did she actually have a robot try to sound like her obnoxious high-pitched voice? This is such a shameless ploy for "fame" after the "Teen Mom" stint. She is a disgusting human being. She's horrible to her mother, father and child. She should have the kid taken away so she can focus on her implants and fantasy modeling and music careers.

@ Appaulled

she cant be any worse at singing than what she is at fucking watched it on psdbforum last night would rather watch 2 fat granny trannys than farrahs tape


I'm not hating on Farrah and I understand she wants to use music as a way to help her move on from the past but she really should have just kept that song for herself and let herself listen to it. She didn't need to publish this song to the world where there are tons of mean and hurtful people who will bash on the song and would make she feel worst about herself..... To make matters worst, the first song she release was bashed soooo badly that she releases another one song.... I mean really?


For those of you ripping on Farrah, you have no idea what she has been through or what it must be like to have a child with someone that has died. She is obviously grieving very deeply. We should all try to be sensitive to that.

@ Grace C.

I am sooo sick of hearing people saying "leave her alone and "you don't what she's been through". What? Seriously, cause how else would we know her? She "makes a living" by camera crews coming into her house so that the entire world can see her life. No one asked for it, she just showed up oned day and hasn't gone away! I do not like the show but I am an American so I have, regrefully, caught it on t.v. a couple of times or got really bored in a waiting room and sat there and tortured myself by reading this crap but how dare anyone tell us to leave her alone when she sould leave America alone and making money off of people with on lives and in my opinion, no taste in t.v. shows either. I feel, that if you put out every detail of your life in front of the world, you subject yourself to whatever feedback, good or bad. It just really pisses me off when these stupid fans of these morons tell us that "if we do like them, don't watch them". If only it were that easy. I get on my computer to check my email on yahoo everyday and there always seems to be some stupid thing about the one of the Kardashians having a baby (I would think they would have about 11 among the 3 of them if the tabloid were right) or one of the Teen Mom fools doing something foolish again.


I would rather use internet explorer, wearing crocs, and blasting Nickleback through my Miranda Cosgrove headphones than listen to that song again.


I can appreciate where she is coming from. Farrah has been through so much at a young age and seems to currently be doing well. Music is a great outlet to deal with our emotions. I commend her on being so vunerable by putting herself out there. Her situation isn't easy, muchless in the spotlight. I think a different choice of music would have made the song better. It was almost as if it was being narrated instead of sung. I think Farrah just might surprise some of her worst critics, the girl is beautiful with lots of determination and drive. Farrah, some of the most successful, happy people march to the beat of their own drum. Don't be afraid to dance to that beat


What the F***. Is this serious? And get that pacifier out of that kids mouth


There has got to be laws against music like this. It is criminal.


Omg i seriously can't believe she would actually sing a song like this. Im not even trying to rude, but seriously that is so awful. Ugh I honestly feel really bad for her.


Oh I will add one small bit from some of the things I read below. For whatever person Farrah is good or bad it all comes back to her parents period. You are who your parents raise you to be. Granted in the teenage years things can change some but your deep down behaviors and actions are because of your parents. They brought her up to be like thins and without a real reality check she will continue to be the way she is.


Ok I will say this yes the song is awful to say the least but here is my theroy if you will. It sounds like the vocals were cut and pasted together from various auto tuned tracks to make the lyrics. Meaning she didnt sing that actual song they producer or satan himself cut individual words from different tracks and duct taped those mofo's together into argubaly the worst thing I have ever heard. I think I just got cancer from that steaming pile of OMG please kill me. Never watched the show and wont/cant comment on her as a person but please for the love of all that is holy never give her a microphone again. But I will add this lay off of her whatever problems she has as a person are hers to deal with at the very least wish he luck for her daughter at least. Never let her sing or put her on tv again but lay off of her.

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