Cassadee Pope on The Voice: An Unfair Advantage?

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Does Cassadee Pope have an unfair advantage on The Voice based on the fact that, well, she already fronts a band that used to tour with Fallout Boy?

Not according to the 22-year-old Hey Monday singer.

"I definitely think going on tour and performing a lot has really helped me, but the same could be said for everyone else who has ever played shows," she told reporters Wednesday.

"This just isn't something I've ever experienced before, especially in a competition setting, because a tour definitely isn't anything like that."

Cassadee Pope says her competitors agree.

"I got great feedback from the contestants and also from my teammates who tweeted and texted me."

"During my time with everyone before we started shooting the blind auditions, I was just as nervous as the next person who has never played on stage before with a band."

"I think playing shows and doing regular concerts is a whole different experience."

What do you think? Does her experience give Cassadee an unfair edge? Or is her talent level part of what sets The Voice apart from other shows in a good way?


Yes, she has an unfair advantage. Maybe not in the original audition, but when it came to voting, she already had a disproportionate number of fans voting for her. The other (better) contestants didn't have a chance. There were too many people voting for her based on her work before The Voice.


She is def overrated and she most certainly has an advantage. It is silly to think otherwise. If she was nervous, it may have been because she heard people sing who were so much better than her. Blake knows she has a following established and he wants to win. Simple.


I think it's bullshit to say, "No, I get no extra advantage" when your song was sung on fuggin' GLEE. I want an unknown to be given a chance here, not someone who's had their shot and who (according to wiki) still has a band waiting for them in the wings. She's mediocre at best, but she's probably going to win because she has an established fanbase.

@ Lulu

Man mediocre is probably the best word to describe her singing. How she has managed to stay while Sylvia and Amanda are sent off is beyond me. WTF is going on with the voters?


Cassadee is SO overrated. She sings fine, but her voice is so simple and mundane. She's basically a worse version of Avril Lavigne. Why should I settle for her when my middle school self can listen to the original?


I think that having experience is a favor point, but not for judges to think "oh! she was on a tour, she's a little famous, she must win" no, it's a favor point just for control a little the nerves on the stage, 'cause at the end she was on a concert where everyone loved her, not on a competition where her talent is the only thing she have


I think she is really talented but I do think it is a bit unfair that this show is a chance for a person who otherwise wouldn't get the opportunity to be heard and she already has connections and has had the opportunity to make it. I don't necessarily think her experience makes her a better singer, maybe a better performer. I think it isn't fair to have any singer who has had her opportunities and give her yet again, another one when other contestants are looking for their "big break". She has amazing talent and I believe she could make it without the show. The other contestants are amazingly talented as well.... not sure who far they would go without the show. I hope they all go on to make wonderful albums!


Just let it go guys..she's already in the show and she's doing great...I don't think she have an advantage,because she's just trying to be an solo artis and THE VOICE seems to suits her talent..let's just see she where she ends up...maybe up or down..but I'm praying for up...


When you are presented with a once and a lifetime opportunity, you don't say "Oh, I'll just wait for everyone else to take their turn." You go for it. Cassadee Pope is going to look back on this experience with no regrets and as a better musician.
1. Dia Frampton- Meg & Dia, signed w/ Doghouse Records.
2. Juliet Simms- Automatic Loveletter, signed w/ Epic, RCA, and Umbrella Records
3. Amanda Brown- Back-up singer for Adele
4. Jermaine- Back-up singer for Alicia Keys
5. Jordan Pruitt- Signed to Hollywood Records
6. Joe Kirkland- Artist vs. Poet, signed with Fearless Records
The list literally goes on and on...
Your case is irrelevant.

@ Marley

However, in the case of Juliet, Jermaine, Amanda and Joe - they really have brilliant voices and talent! And that's just not the case with bland Cassadee. Which is why the show is annoying because she's winning thanks to her popularity and not her true talent!


Educate yourselves. Most of the contestants on The Voice have had previous experience in the business. Last season's winner was a back-up singer for Alicia Keys. You don't think that gave him an advantage on stage?? Dia Frampton from season 1 had been signed. Ever heard of Meg and Dia? Their song "Monster" played on the radio nonstop a few years ago. Juliet Simms was signed and in a band called Automatic Loveletter before coming on The Voice. Her story was actually quite similar to Cassadee's. Amanda Brown has sang backup for Adele. A-freakin-DELE! Talk about connections. Terry toured in a band. The list goes on. If you think it's unfair for Cassadee to be there, you must not realize how many contestants have also established themselves in one way or another. I laugh when people say that Cassadee was famous before this show. Where I'm from, nobody knows of her. I went to a concert to see a (not very well known) band called The Cab and she was one of their openers. I have never paid more than 12-15 bucks to see this girl perform. And I've only seen her play in small venues. That isn't what I call fame. When Katy Perry & Justin Bieber's best tickets are selling for thousands of dollars, and they are selling out huge arenas. Wake up. People are just mad either because they are ignorant and don't know how many of the contestants have actually been in Cassadee's position, or they don't like her and don't want her to win. Believe it or not, lots of people DO like her. Not just her old fans either. This girl could really make it big. She knows how to write her own music, she rocks out on the guitar, she has a unique pop/rock style, she connects with her audience through her songs, and she has worked her ass off to get to this point. I guarantee that you will see this girl after The Voice whether she wins or not. That's due to her determination and nothing else. No one gave this girl an easy climb to the top. She's been fighting her ass of for years to make it and I commend her. But in your minds, she should be sorry for going for her dreams. Would you want someone to knock you down for fighting for YOUR dream? Probably not. If her being there isn't fair, that should knock out all of the other contestants with backgrounds in the business. If you're going to pick on one of them, you should pick on all of them.


Gonna side with Trey. Everybody has a good argument but I have never heard of her and neither has the majority of most people that watch the show or most music fans throughout the U.S. I'm glad she did go on and has done this well because I love her talent. Great attitude, great looking, great personality, and damn, can she sing! I wouldn't mind if Melanie won as she is just as good and quite unique!

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