Adrienne Maloof Accused of Violence Against Paul Nassif

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Yup. It's getting very ugly between Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif.

In court today to determine custody of their three kids, the soon-to-be-divorced spouses went at it via their attorneys, with the most damning allegations being leveled against The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof

Witnesses tell TMZ that Nassif's attorney argued in front of a judge that Maloof has referred to her husband as "stupid, dumb and an idiot" in the presence of their kids.

Moreover, in a declaration filed by Nassif's legal team, the couple's head of security says he saw Adrienne both bite and scratch her husband in the back of their car last year. In another odd incident, Maloof is accused of taking a gun out of Paul's briefcase while he slept and photographing it.

In response to these charges, a source defends Maloof to TMZ and says:

"All Adrienne has ever done is protect herself and Paul has been aggressive and violent numerous times. He is 7 inches taller and weighs 100 pounds more."

Nassif is seeking more time with his sons and a judge will reportedly rule on whether he'll receive it during a full hearing on a later date.



When watching the RHOBH's, I'd feel sorry for Paul Nassif and wondered how long he has allowed Adrienne to verbally abuse him. I also wonder if Adrienne is somewhat, insecure of Paul's intelligence. She seemed to always block HIS questions, ideas and advice. Although Adrienne has money, does she have education under her belt as well. Her conversations were somewhat, less indept, which of course does not always indicate a lack But, insecurity, if not dealt with, gets worst. And, constant condescending remarks indicates that there's a resentment somewhere in the relationship. I's sad that another marriage may end though. I sincerely pray that Adrienne will seek counselling.


Adrienne Maloof is a man correct? I'm pretty sure she was born a man and had plastic surgery.


great action of you, woman.


I like Adrienne, but I hated the way she treated her husband. She was always belittling him. I believe all the allegations he is making against. He seems like a nice guy and he definitely someone to love him and treat him well. She always came off as a cold b*tch to's hard to fathom they have 3 kids together!


What annoys me is when couples start puttin the kids n the middle of their war n court makin claims of acts of abuse that might have occured yet the spouse tellin the attorney this looks to me strange cuz let me ask did she report this 2 the authorities if he was abusing the kids or u? How long ago did these incidence take place? It annoys me that the kids weren't worth protecting then but now he's so bad that judge u gotta know somethin about, gurl bye another thing it says alot when a man leaves yo ass instead of u leavin him most abuser don't leave their victims but 2 many men will leave no flee from a psycho bitch. Watchn Rhobh u did come off like the dominating spouse emasculating paul n public i remember the dinner u gave where u looked like u were going 2 beat his ass over a comment he made instead u berated him n front of ur guest 2 me he looks like a victim and u the abuser. At least thats how she comes off. We'll c tho more 2 b revealed meantime im not buyn adriennes story.