Taylor Swift Accompanies Conor Kennedy to Grave of Mother

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Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy took a big, sad step in their relationship on Sunday.

The singer accompanied her 18-year old boyfriend and various family members to the Cape Cod cemetery where Mary Richardson Kennedy is buried. She tragically committed suicide in May.

Conor's mother had been separated from his father at the time of her death and was reportedly suffering from substance abuse problems.

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Pay Respects

According to Entertainment Tonight, Swift and Kennedy - who have been dating for two months - attended church and then spent close to a half hour at Mary's grave, which is located in Hynannis near the Kennedy compound.

Taylor has actually purchased a home directly across the street from Ethel Kennedy, Conor's grandmother and a woman who has said the famous family would only be too lucky if Swift ever joined them in an official capacity.

It's very early, but it certainly appears is if things could be heading in that direction.


Wow! Another boy toy? Hmmm I wonder what his songs gonna be like. Lmao. Whore.


Every woman that marries a Kennedy seems to wind up dead -- prematurely!!!!


Guys! It is fine that she is a virgin! I think she is right to remain virgin until she gets marred! Wats wrong with tat?? Taylor is a bight and smart girl that i look up to and one day be like her. But i think that will never happen. So i think she is great and that she can do anything she likes. She will always write great music and be the best person on earth


Taylor has said she will remain a virgin until she gets married. That is probably why the guys break up with her and she gets her heartbroken. I think she is pretty innocent and mistakenly thinks others are too.


I used to think she was so innocent but I agree too. She has been with sooooo many guys maybe she's a virgin and wont do them so they dump her but I think that's being naive lol. And I don't know why she would get with a 18 ye old. That's too young.

@ chely

No she has never said that. In fact she dismissed the whole purity ring BS era when all the disney stars were doing it. She doesn't have one but said she doesn't want to comment on her sex life because she doesn't want people picturing her naked, which she thinks will happen if she talks about sex. Newsflash Taylor, people do regardless? lol

@ whatlol

Rolling Stone already got it out of her that Treacherous is sexual, plenty of her songs imply sexual/more mature relationships, they just aren't explicit lyrics, they absolutely imply it though.


@Sammie Agreed! Not to mention she hops between men like a rabbit! She can't settle down either, what would she sing about?


Oh, please. Conor is 18 and a KENNEDY! He's not ready to settle down ANY TIME SOON!

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