Stars Tweet Shock, Sadness Over Empire State Building Tragedy

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Two people were killed and at least eight others injured in a shooting spree outside the Empire State Building this morning.

A 53-year old named Jeffrey Johnson, who was shot to death by police on the scene, is suspected of starting the incident in due to a dispute with a former coworker.

In response to the tragedy, a myriad of celebrities have expressed shock and remorse over Twitter. We've included a few of their thoughts below, some of which touch on the topic of gun control...


NICKI MINAJ: "Sorry to hear about this New York shooting. Sending love to the families & friends of the victims."

KIM KARDASHIAN: "Sending my prayers to everyone involved with the Empire State Building shooting! This violence has got to stop!!!"

KHLOE KARDASHIAN: "Prayers and love being sent to the victims of the Empire State Building shooting. The violence has got to stop. #MakeAChange"

JIM CARREY "No semi auto guns!Every 2 wks now, another mass shooting.AMERICA allowing this behavior is beneath us!Revise the second ammendment."

LA LA: "This violence has to stop!Enough is enough!Sending prayers2 the victims,their families,& those wounded in the Empire State building shooting"

MARLON WAYANS: "Shooting at the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING??? Wtf? We seriously need some gun control. Not everyone can or should bare arms."

ROGER EBERT "Empire State shooting gets big coverage; 19 shot in Chicago last night."

WILLIE GARSON: "We were not at Empire State today, thanks for concern, our hearts broken for the families of more senseless madness…BE KIND TO EACH OTHER"

JENNIFER WILLIAMS: "Sending my prayers to all involved in the Empire State shooting. Such a senseless tragedy.. "


@Amanda- GOOD QUESTION- Why ! This Country had no problem getting up for Zimmerman & Trayvon. The Media had no problem covering that story & Obama loved the question he knew was coming as he answered " if I had a son" as he spoke. The problem is- Detroit or Chicago- It's not news! It's not because there is nothing NEW about it! It's commonplace.


While the shooting at the Empire State bldg is a tragedy.. Is it so much more tragic when a handful of people die in one shooting than the 10-15 that die weekly in Detroit from gun violence in the streets? Sorry I don't understand why the country and media are up in arms over these isolated incidences when people die every single day in Chicago, Detroit, etc. from gun violence. so we as a nation are only concerned with the stories the media chooses to show us and are content ignoring the real tragedies happening in our cities literally every single day? Babies are dying from sleeping on a couch in a home that gets shot up in a driveway... Toddlers are dying while sitting in vehicles with their parents on the street getting shot at, this is tragedy to me.


If I hear one more person suggest that gun laws are going to change the mentality of a killer I'm going to shoot myself


Sending my prayers to all. Terrible news. How do we stop guns in the wrong hands, just like the war on drugs, getting nowhere, :(


Please, please outlaw guns.


i'm an american that lives in scotland - how many gun crimes have i heard of where i live? ZERO! How many more people in america need to die before you wake up? proper gun control isnt something that should be disputed. shouldnt these victims have as much right to a LIFE than as much right as so many in the US think they have to carry arms? im so glad my children dont need to worry about getting shot at school, the cinema, or anywhere else. WAKE UP.


Am really sorry for d sad news i pary that God will help to soluation ur promble

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