Jeffrey Johnson Identified as Empire State Building Shooting Suspect

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A few new details have emerged regarding this morning's shooting outside the Empire State Building in New York City.

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    I am a filthy racist and think down on their luck people are scum .I use a gossip blig to rant about politics because i am delusional.The best thing for my mental health is to be kicked off this site.


    All I have to is that Doh is a f%%king moron and should crawl back into the hole that came from.


    @doh- you have got to be one ignorant fool. John McCain was a POW-captured and beaten while serving his country! WTF could you possibly know a piloting a plane! You sound like your one of these 14 year old entitled misfits on government support. WTF does Syria have to do with NY. MAYBE THE HOPELESS FEELING PEOPLE HAVE AS THIS PRESIDENT CONTINUES TO NEGLECT THE NEEDS OF THE COUNTRY- MAYBE THAT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH PEOPLES ANGER? MAYBE? Blaming the NRA? LIKE BLAMING A SPOON FOR YOUR ASS BEING FAT!


    Give me a weapon and I will use it. With out a weapon I might have to god forbid use my brain to settle it.
    Thank god Obama is in there and not McCain we would be paying for another war in Syria. I hope they all
    Kill each other over there it's all they know it will cut down on the demand for food fossil fuel water and if we
    Ever have to go to war fewer of them to fight. Let nature take care of it. We are not going to stop territorialism


    To mr gun
    It's ok with me because it just cuts down on the idiots like u out there hope u get one right between the eyes or even better your offspring then we'll see how in favor u r.


    If there is any year to bring up gun control this is it. This is my rifle this is my gun this is for shooting and this is for fun. Good luck NRA has anybody compared the shooting deaths in England to the united states. I think it's close to 1/100 !!!!!!!!!!! That's not proof McCain you republican idiot and he wants a war in Syria that concentration camp did permanent damage. Oh yes he was a lousy pilot, impulsive irrational and uncoordinated.


    Sad- all the way around but we all know that the Lamestream media will label this Guy tea party just like every other lie they have told.

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