Ryan Lochte: The Next Bachelor?!

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Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte will be in high demand when he leaves London ... and The Bachelor producers apparently have their eyes on him.

In an interview on NBC’s Today, the 11-time medalist mentioned Dancing With the Stars as a possibility, along with the long-running matchmaking show.

He's not the only one who sees a good fit with The Bachelor. Host Chris Harrison and Mike Fleiss, the show's EP, have discussed bringing Lochte on board.

Ryan Lochte Smiles

Fleiss "just told me he liked Ryan Lochte in his speedo so much he's now on short list for


O.K. I would love to see Sean be the next Bachelor, but if not Sean then Ryan would be o.k. I guess, but please DO NOT MAKE Arie the bachelor. His relationship would not work, he is gone all the time and I just do not think he is that hot in any department.


Give SEAN LOWE THE BACHELOR title ABC. WE WANT SEAN!!!! END of discussion. Wait a minute isn't Ryan going to be on Dancing With The Stars? Give Sean this opportunity please please please!!! What more do you want ABC. You may lose some viewers if you don't cast Sean and I heard Sean accepted the gig. What are you waiting for ABC?


Wth are Arie and Sean??? Would rather watch paint dry than any of these lame shows!


I hate reality shows in general, but I feel bad for Ryan lochte if he has to be on the bachelor out of all the shows.


Err... No.


Yes! Having some new as the Bachelor would be great. Team Ryan!

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