Ryan Lochte Partying Photos: It's Good to Be an Olympic Champion

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Life is good for Olympic heart throb Ryan Lochte.

The swimmer celebrated the end of an impressive London games - five medals, two of them gold - and his 28th birthday with night out at Chinawhite nightclub.

Lochte partied until nearly 3:30 a.m. before piling into a taxi with friends and various female acquaintances for the ride back to the Olympic Village.

Clearly, it's good to be an Olympic champion ...

Ryan Lochte Drunk
Ryan Lochte Partying

That's what we call an impressive medley, or something.

No word if Lochte, whose mother recently said that he does not have time for girlfriends and has "one night stands" instead, had one or more on this night.

In any case, be sure to browse our gallery of Olympic photos for more shots of the hunk ... our favorite being this shot of Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin.

[Photos: Pacific Coast News]

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LOL it's his sister


Looks like Olympic medal = whores paradise. Just keep your protection handy guys or you'll be paying for 18 years.


I like him, but I hate how he thinks he can be the next Michael Phelps when it will take A LOT to do that.


You just know that any guy that is as hot is Ryan is most definitely getting laid.

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