Happy 28th Birthday, Ryan Lochte!

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American swimming sensation Ryan Lochte has taken London by storm, but today, he has even more to celebrate than his five Olympic medals.

It's his 28th birthday!

"It feels amazing," he said of his Olympics performance this morning. "I'm happy that it's over. Today is my birthday, and I'm relaxing... This is the first time in 12 years that I can celebrate my birthday and not swim."

Yes, 12 years. Think these guys are committed?

Ryan Lochte Shirtless Photo

Lochte also played down his mother's recent comments about her son's lack of dating commitment and crack that "he goes out on one-night stands."

Ryan insists his mom just misspoke there.

"She meant I go on a lot of dates and don't have time for a long-term relationship ... She didn't mean anything negative. She's new to the whole media thing."

As for the time in which he is ready to settle down, what are Ryan's qualifications for his dream girl? "She has to be fit and can make me laugh."

Take note, ladies. And click to enlarge more Ryan Lochte photos, many of which feature him shirtless! You're welcome. So very welcome.

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Have you have heard an interview from this guy. Literally might be as bright as a bag rocks. Plus he really only has a limited earning potential, to be wasting it on asinine things such as a diamond "grill"...


Happy birthday, Ryan. He said its been since he was 12 that he didn't have to swim on his bday, oops!! 16 yrs wow bravo ryan


Happy birthday babe!