Robert Pattinson Labeled a "Total Mess," Remains in Seclusion

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Forget Carmen Sandiego. The real question these days is: Where in the world is Robert Pattinson?

Us Weekly, the tabloid which broke the story of Kristen Stewart cheating on the actor with Rupert Sanders, claims to have the unexpected answer: hiding out at Reese Witherspoon's vacation home.

Robert Pattinson Walks Out

Witherspoon (who knows something about being cheated on herself, thanks to Ryan Phillippe) and Pattinson co-starred in Water for Elephants and sources say she offered Rob her ranch in Ojai, California.

These same insiders have shot down a couple of other new rumors:

A U-Haul truck was NOT spotted outside the home Pattinson shares with Stewart and Pattinson never retreated to London to party with friends.

He's been in the U.S. this entire time, but friends say he's a "total mess" and is "questioning everything." While Stewart continues to call and text - "dying to save the relationship" according to those in the know - Pattinson truly "doesn't know what to do."

He'll have to decide quickly, unfortunately: promotion for Breaking Dawn Part 2 has already begun and he's expected to make media rounds in the fall.


Sounds like Jo needs to get her Hollywood fix elsewhere. Jo, honey, if t's fact you';re after, try a hard news site, or just pack up and move in right next door to Mr. Pattinson himself and get all chummy with him and ply him for all the "facts" you so desperately need, right before he tells you to mind your own business.


I hope Robert moves on and forgets Kristen. I think she did this on purpose because the media and Twilight fans are pressuring those two to get married and have kids like their Twilight characters, but they're real people with real lives not just celuloid characters. At 22 she's clearly too young for that. Getting caught in public with Sandersm when they could have carried on in private, just convinces me this way her way of letting Robert know she's not ready for marriage and perhaps, not a commitment of any kind.


I think robert is a really nice guy.I mean any girl would be lucky to be with him. I really hope all of this commotion does not interfere with the next twilight movie because many of the fans ecspecially me. I've always wanted to meet him. I hope Robert forgives Kristen quickly. I love Robert pattinson.


in a car for crying out loud?
in a car?????
can they not afford a decent hotel with a jacuzzi or something?
what a patethic pair
how low she rates herself to be the lover of an older ugly guy that dones her in the car for the world to see?
she just lost the whole world respect because she showed she doesnt respect herself, her british boyfriend -whichone I may ask?- or a married woman with children rights of NOT BEING PUT IN THE SPOT by this stupid girl, as stupid as all the other sex-tapers that populate hollywood.. she really wanted to make people believe she was different


@jo That is why I only believe us weekly ,hollywood, radar online, perez hilton, and this site just all just follow the next. Well that girl that said he was in london lied becuz she knew the media would run with it.


Jo, if you hate this site so much, why are you here reading and commenting?


@Jo: WE're the Hollywood GOSSIP, not the Hollywood FACT. We report allegations and rumors... just like every other celebrity gossip site on the Internet.
Best of luck finding the hard news site that covers this Robsten affair with nothing but factual data.


Hollywood gossip you suck. You've changed your story more times then I can believe. Just shut up until have have facts.

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