Prince William on Prince Harry Nude Photos: Not Impressed, Report Indicates

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Prince Harry is in the royal doghouse after naked photos of him partying leaked online, and no one is less pleased than his big brother Prince William.

If you missed them, pictures of Prince Harry naked and playing strip billiards with some girls in Vegas hit the web last night ... to his family's chagrin.

"William was told about the photos this morning," a royal insider said of Kate Middleton's husband and the heir to the throne. "He's not impressed."

Take it Down a Notch
Prince William of Wales

What happened in Vegas definitely didn't stay there for Harry.

No word on how other members of the royal family - namely his father Prince Charles or grandmother Queen Elizabeth II - have reacted to the scandal.

Professionally as well as personally, Prince Harry, a military helicopter pilot on leave during the wild Sin City weekend, has some explaining to do.

"He will be reprimanded [by the army]. Officers should never bring the Service into disrepute, whether on or off duty," a senior military source says.

"This display of social misbehavior has raised eyebrows."

Harry, who spent much of last fall in Arizona and California during an intensive training period, "likely won't be dismissed" from the army, however.

"This type of behavior is not expected of someone his age and rank. They will call him in when he gets back and want to talk to him about it."

While he certainly didn't make his family proud and probably should know better, Harry also should be given some slack here, don't you think?

There's no indication he did anything illegal or even that salacious, nor did he plan on some shady person selling pics of him, we're guessing.

Prince Harry:



Get over it. How old are you? You obviously Are cluless about young soltiers on-leave. It iis certainly much less shameful than the American flyers in tail
Gate Las Vegas.I


I personally think he's much more interesting to read about than the Kardashian's, Lohan, Sheen or his boring royal family. You go Harry, don't let them change you like they tried to do to your mom.


Maybe being second in line for the throne has its downside. Cameras also constantly aimed at Princess Margaret while her sister wore the crown, no doubt hoping for shocking sibling demeanor. Granted Harry acted immature, he still does amazing "mature" things with his military and charitable service.


It would be fair if every guy that served in Afghanistan were given the same opportunity to have the party in the same place that Harry did,under the same circumstance then i would say that it would be fair, but, they don't. They go home. Harry has privileges and a lifestyle that very few men have. That is the difference. He isn't a kid. He represents the United Kingdom...AT ALL TIMES. Thats what he gets paid for. Today, one doesn't frolic around naked, in a group of people, and not expect someone to take pictures. He should know that. Am i judging him? No, not at all. Did he act improperly? yes. Was he stupid/ Very. Was he petrified of facing his father and the Queen? You bet he was, and perhaps that was his punishment. He let those that trusted him down. Very hard. And he has to live with that.


He certainly didn't do much for his role as a responsible adult. The guy is 27, not an 18 year old. Frankly he comes off as not too bright and not very grown up. These are high school and college antics. I think the whole incident made him look like an immature fool.


He is a big piss stain to the family


like it or not he represents his family, his military unit and his country and he needs to have better judgement.


I was laughing so hard. Prince Harry is. Riot i think whoever sold those photos deserves to be punished. Come on all over the Internet is a crime to do to anyone. Royal Family should find put who did this and made a bundle for those photos and bettayed Prince Harry after being invited to his private quarters to have fun. I really feel for the Prince. The Royal Family is very popular in the States. I am angry at the tabloids as well, You don't do that to anyone on the Internet. We love you Prince Harry. Keep having a good time. You ate south fun to read abput


The one to took the photos is the problem...


I think everyone should leave the guy alone. Whoever leaked the photos, Shame Shame for trying to make a buck at someone else expense. Of course, he should have been a little more cautious, but who can you trust these days!!! Absolutely no one! It is what it is so why not just let it go! The guy has a life just like anyone else, so please people! Let the guy alone and don't keep embarrassing him. He doesn't deserve to have some money grabbing person's photos plastered over the internet and embarrass the whole family! Thats my opinion and I'm sticking with it!

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