Michael Strahan: Rumored Kelly Ripa Co-Host!

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Regis Philbin certainly left behind big shoes to fill, so it's appropriate that the rumored front-runner to replace him has some mighty large feet.

Former N.Y. Giants defensive end Michael Strahan will join Kelly Ripa as her co-host on Live! early next month, according to numerous reports.

The football star and TV personality, 40, has joined Ripa numerous times as guest host (see below, with Magic Mike's Channing Tatum this year):

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa's co-host will be revealed on-air September 4.

Nick Lachey, Neil Patrick Harris and 57 other guest hosts have stepped since Regis bowed out last year; Seth Meyers was rumored to be in line for the full-time gig.

The rumor going around is that it will be Strahan, however, after he impressed Ripa and execs with his previous guest hosting duties in recent months.

Strahan played 15 NFL seasons, all with New York, setting the single-season sack record and retiring following the Giants' epic Super Bowl XLII victory.

What do you think? Live with Kelly and Michael?


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I like Michael S.,but concerned with his sports jobs and over exposure..Nick Lachey has done a great job and those love songs to Kelly Ripa are right on...


HE is so intelligent to pull his pants down. Now that is some class. DISGUSTING!!!! What are they thinking?? She needs all the help she can get and he is not the one to help!! Viewers will be waching something else. Know I will!!!!


WILL NEVER WATCH HER AGAIN. After Regis left she is disgusting. She is terrible looking and now her new co-host. WHATEVER!!! Of all the people she could have chosen she chooses him. Who is he anyway!!! NOBODY CARES!!! No big deal to lose me but just won't ever watch her again. Been watching that show for years!!!!


Yeah its 2012 Alison no more quaotas,entitlements,affirmative action,we have a black president etc...so stop the hate against the white male.


I love Kelly and thought she and Michael Strahan were hysterical together. Good Luck !!


I feel a lot of the comments posted are racially offensive. So if Nick Lachley or any of the other caucasian co-host were picked it seemed to be no problem. It's 2012 people - let's grow up.


Nick Lachey seems like he isn't IN LOVE with himself like Strahan is. Strahan seems to NOT be the best prospect. I like Nick Lachey. He is MORE FINE TUNED, and VERY DOWN to earth. Lachey has a good personality, like to LAUGH, and the difference with Strahan, he seems to LAUGH at himself more than the normal.


Michael Strahan as a co-host is a really STUPID AND WHACK-ASS IDEA!!!!! As that Willie dude pointed out, Strahan is constantly stepping all over Kelly's lines. And, Strahan very rudely interrupts Kelly when she opens her mouth to even speak. Most of all, Strahan himself is nothing but a limelight-stealing T-H-U-G!!!!! And, I agree with Deb...YES YES YES to Nick Lachey!!!!! Peace.


The better solution, IMO, would be to get rid of Ripa.The woman is slowly killing the show with her unfunny, egotistic personality. Pairing her with Michael won't work...just watch and see. Better yet...don't watch...LOL


If Michael gets chosen then I will not watch this show anymore other than in its death throes. The show will lose viewers because he is so wrong but by then it will be too late.