Megan Rossee Quits Cocktail Waitressing at Michael Phelps' Request!

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Megan Rossee, Michael Phelps' hot model girlfriend, won't be cocktail waitressing at clubs anymore - the swimming great made sure of that!

The 25-year-old quit her job at Hollywood nightclub BLOK "almost immediately after the news of her and Michael broke," Hollyscoop reports.

But lest you accuse her of mining for gold ... Phelps wanted her to.

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“Michael no longer wants his girlfriend working in that environment,” a source says, and will "cover any expenses she has until her modeling and acting career take off.”

Which, thanks to this kind of exposure, may not take too long!

It's easy to see why Michael didn’t want his girlfriend in that kind of scene, being hit on all night every night and all. He also wants to travel with her.

Michael and his guy friends are heading to the Maldives for a vacation after the Olympics, and he wants to take Megan Rossee on a separate trip after that.

He's supposedly told her they can go anywhere in the world she wants ... not a bad gig to be dating an Olympic legend who's retiring at age 27.

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I think it's sweet that he loves her enough to take care of her...but if it was me I would be very uncomfortable being a "kept" woman, and having to rely on your current boyfriend for everything. Also, whether she deserves it or not, the media will always call her fame-hungry. But another question...what is it about the term cocktail waitress pretty much becoming synonymous with "dating celebrities." Heck, Matt Damon's wife was a bartender.


Then someone said that she is a college graduate from Lyon College, she is a soccer player, she graduated with 3.0 GPA and she has a degree in Psychology. If she is really a Psychology graduate, why would she pick those kind of job? It just mean one thing; she is really ambitious.


I think she is a lovely girl,,and if he likes her,,who are we to pass judgment? To each his own,,,


Same difference cock tail waitress or cock-tail it's all the same white trash not Jewish it won't last


Michael Phelp's doesn't want her to use him for money. What a stupid statement. He just would rather have her not work at all then to work at a place wearing a skimpy outfit showing that she has no class. He knows that will reflect badly on him if she continues to work there. He needs to find a classy girl. In my eyes shes still a gold digger.

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