Megan Rossee: Michael Phelps' Girlfriend!

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Michael Phelps' girlfriend Megan Rossee gives him even more reasons to smile than 22 Olympic medals. Well, close to it anyway, if they're actually dating.

Following his record-setting run at the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games, Michael Phelps was spotted out celebrating with a “mystery blonde.”

Thanks to Hollyscoop, we know that lady's name, and what she looks like!

Here's Phelps with Megan Rossee, a 25-year-old model and L.A. resident:

Michael Phelps, Girlfriend Megan Rossee

"She and Phelps began dating in January (of this year) and things started to heat up just prior to the Olympics in London," says the source.

Hilariously, Megan was in a love triangle with Phelps and Lauren Conrad's ex!

"At the time when they began dating, [The Hills'] Doug Reinhardt was crushing on her too, but she chose to be with Michael instead."

According to the celebrity gossip site, Phelps was smitten from the start:

"Michael knew that he had to leave for the Olympics and not wanting to give up on their relationship, he flew Megan out to the trials in Omaha, then to London for The Games."

A candid photo of Michael Phelps, girlfriend and medals in hand, shows him celebrating in London and beaming for the camera. Aww.

“Yay Michael” Megan’s caption reads.

Indeed. Currently, Megan and Michael are in London and will be doing some more private celebrating once the games conclude next week:

"They'll remain in London for three weeks after the Olympics wrap up this weekend to check out the sights and do some traveling together."

Like the swimming legend, Rossee is athletic. She used to be an avid soccer player; she’s now an aspiring model and works at Hollywood's Blok nightclub.

Her Model Mayhem profile lists her at 5'9" with blue-green eyes; a go-getter with an All-American girl flavor ... whatever that means.

According to the Hollyscoop source, Ryan Lochte's chief rival has been urging her for some time to quit her job as a cocktail waitress.

"He wants her to travel the world with him but she hasn't made her decision yet to quit. She's heavily considering it," the source says.

From the looks of the photo above, she might be leaning towards "yes."

Nice looking couple. You know, if they're really a couple. Phelps is falsely linked to around 10 women per week, so it's hard to be sure.


as a mum.of two girls who attend swim club michael phelps is a hero and absolute respect for hard work for ALL those swim sessions....cannot understand any nasty comments we enjoyed the london 2012 olympics the uneducated and illiterate comments i grossly dislike phelps will leave a mark on the history of swimming !


leave da guy alone people,mayb da gal z wit hm either 4 money or luv,wichever da case,he is wise enuf 2 knw it,congrats on bein such a nice athlete mike,big fan!


Mr. Phelps willingly submitted to the above the standard athletic drug testing; since before Beijing. There are athletes, as a group, who go beyond the federation testing standards to prove no doping. He passed after each gold medal. How many did you pass when you got YOUR gold medals?
Didn't think soo...


hi hru nice pic


Drughead?!?! Bahahaha! Have you ever taken home 22 gold medals in the olympics? No? WHO CARES what Michael does in his spare time, He's a champion with trophies of more than one kind, buddy, get over it!


Reality check Mikey boy:
1. you is boney
2. you is homely
3. you is UGLY!!!
Tap that keg while you can and be grateful the shelf life endorsement wise for a swimmer is about the same as McDonald Fries under glass ie. 90 days...
Sign whatever endorsements you can get.
Make all the commercials you can get...
Save all the $$$ you can get because in 180 days your big $$$ earning days are GONE!!!


Exactly he's getting cock- tail


poor you..model , cocktail waitress ? you can do better than that.


If u can't say something good don't say anything!
Best wishes to Michael & congrats on your 22 medals!!!! GOD bless!


I wonder if she's a drughead too!

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