Kim Kardashian: Prison Bound on Drop Dead Diva!

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Based on her videotaped exploits with Ray J, it's safe to assume Kim Kardashian is in to handcuffs.

But the terrible actress finds herself behind bars when she next appears on Drop Dead Diva, reprising the role of Nikki LePree on the August 26 installment of this Lifetime drama.

Kim Kardashian Prison Photo

Kardashian appeared on four episodes of the series earlier this summer, with her character's storyline concluding when Nikki stole the life savings of April Bowlby's Stacy. Hence the orange garb and 10 foot by 12 foot residence seen above.

Drop Dead Diva airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. and, after casting Kardashian in a role, really ought to be canceled immediately.

Kim, meanwhile, makes another cameo in front of the camera in Kanye West's music video for "I Wish You Could/Cold."


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Kim Kardashian: Prison Bound on Drop Dead Diva!
Now tell me it's not real!


I wish her all the best, It's just kind of unfair how easy some plpoee have it in live, but I'm not resentful and not too bad either. She sure is a cute girl blessed with beauty and charme.


I was quickly browsing the site, saw this picture and thought this was the beginning of NEVER HEARING about Kim again, dam! Wishful thinking for an average person so tired of her and her family.


Thats were you belong sent down for bad acting lol


SHE HAS NEVER LOOKED BETTER. This picture of her here
is the best shes ever looked.


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