Katy Perry and John Mayer: Dating For Real!

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Amid rumors that they've been hooking up, Katy Perry and John Mayer were photographed together for the first time in L.A. on Wednesday night.

Perry, 27, and Mayer, 34, had dinner at Chateau Marmont, an observer tells Us Weekly, adding that they were "holding hands across the table."

They were also "sneaking kisses" and "laughing." Yeah.

How serious things are between them is far from clear, but they were definitely on a date, as evidenced by the photo below of them leaving together:

Katy Perry, John Mayer

Katy Perry and John Mayer were first linked last month after reports of their a, moderately PDA-filled date at Soho House in West Hollywood.

"They were affectionate, holding hands and cuddling!" an observer said.

Mayer, whose include Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Love Hewitt and others, hung out at her house the very next night.

Perry recently finalized her divorce from Russell Brand and split with Florence and the Machine rocker Robert Ackroyd after a brief relationship.

What do you think of Katy Perry and John Mayer as a couple?

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


WTF is wrong with you all ... John u knw wts best for u and i think u ll be good dont give a shit of wt those ppl say .
Best of luck and u ll always be my favorite artist ^^


NO NO NO Katy. :( stop hurting yourself, pls...


DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD NEWS!!! Really, what's wrong with Katy??


This guy is a heartbreacker we all know it :s but he is such a good singer and a good song writter! but she deserve much better i think


The loser needs a publicity stunt to have anyone thinking of him, and god knows what she was thinking!!!!


ewe, *got the heeby jeebys* yuck i don't want 2 pict..... crap 2 late *crying*


Can someone PLEASE explain to me what all these celelbrities see in John Mayer? To me, he is so beyond unattractive, gross, and not interesting whatsoever! And he really seems like a douchebag. Katy, you can do SO much better!


Maybe she should ease off on dating guys for a little while? I mean she did kiss a girl and she liked it, maybe she can enjoy doing other things with girls. ;)


She is making mistakes every day and the end Katy should be alone! He is a ganster of a real love!


she could do so much better he is such a jerk an he is only using her to get over the taylor swift scandel an to try to get his career back. he sucks i can not stand him i have to turn the channel everytime one of his crappy songs come on

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