Joe Jonas on Taylor Swift Breakup Anthem: Not About Me!

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Joe Jonas famously dumped Taylor Swift over the phone in 2008. She then taunted him on Saturday Night Live.

And he responded by writing a song that slammed his ex.

But the bad blood between these young stars appears to have simmered down, as Jonas said in an interview with Washington, D.C.'s 94.7 Fresh FM yesterday that Swift's latest breakup anthem - "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" - is not based on their history.

"I don't think we've ever tried [to get back together] another time, so I can tell you it's not about me," he said. "That said, I think the song is great. Taylor does pop music really well and I'm happy for her."

Are the two now on speaking terms? Not really. However:

"I haven't really spoken to her recently, but I was able to go to her concert last year, and her show live is so phenomenal," Jonas added. "I would say anybody should go see it if they haven't had a chance."

Swift is now dating Conor Kennedy, but fans are more focused on her past than her present. With Jonas out of the running, we remain convinced this track was penned about Chord Overstreet.


@Tm8 ur song is so funny lmao but i dont agree but if america want to break up with this awesome singer, france will be happy to have her here haha :D she write some amazing songs, the lyrics are so beautiful & i just can't wait 4 the album. btw joe's reaction maked me laugh this guy is 4ever the best!


@tm8 agreed! So tired of hearing the same crap. Im not sure how she keeps that lily white reputation when she has dated EVERYBODY!


America needs to write a break up song to Taylor Swift At first your songs and your curly blonde hair
We're super adorable and we all used to care
But now we are sick of hearing the same silly tune
Taylor please take your guitar and all your money and move to the moon
Cause America is breaking' up with you
You you you you do do be do

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