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Tareq Salahi has ended his legal beef with estranged wife Michaele and her lover Neal Schon of Journey fame. We know you’ve been on pins and needles. Exhale.

After she surprisingly left him for the rocker, Michaele and Tareq have finalized their divorce – and he’s dropped a (largely frivolous) lawsuit against Schon as well.

Don’t stop believin’ that a confidential settlement will be reached … or something.

“I am thrilled with the resolution of this case and to close this chapter in my life and now move forward in a positive manner,” Tareq Salahi told E! News.

“I always maintained that my claims were valid and eventually they would be recognized as such,” he adds, however, “I wish Michaele the best.”

Tareq had sued for $50 million, claiming his ex and her lover’s actions cost him all sorts of lucrative stuff, not to mention were really humiliating.

Salahi says he’s still suing DD Entertainment, the Hollywood agent formerly shared by himself and Michaele, and now by herself and Neal Schon.

Tareq is claiming that DD withheld information, and subsequently cost him money, when Michaele took off with Schon back in September 2011.

This prompted him to report her missing to police. She wasn’t missing of course … she’d just left him to go on a Journey with secret paramour Neal.

Anyway, glad it’s resolved … now go away, all of you.