Joe Jonas Slams Taylor Swift in New Song

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Simply put, Joe Jonas thinks Camilla Belle is better than Taylor Swift.

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    Ok, people, this is old news. I know some where deep, deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep down in side you guys realize that Taylor Swift isn't looking for relationship or romance. Money is her boyfriend and the rest is just materiel. But can we penalize her for that?
    People do crazy things for money and popularity. Of course, her popularity is at the expense of her exes (of which there are many) and others who may be involved with them (Ex: Camilla Belle who, personally, I AM a fan of).
    I listen to her music without thinking about who it may be about because we know this child has no remorse for what she does to others.
    She said herself that she wants a happy relationship but, at this point, her love life is a joke to the public, to those she may date and to herself whether she wants to admit it or not. She purposefully brought her personal life into the spotlight. Now everyone she is with--if they aren't air-headed and naive like --knows that of they "wrong her", they're laying down the foundation for her next million dollars. Her entire career is based on her relationships.
    As a blogger, I see what the opinions of others are. What this little girl doesn't know is that she is influencing a generation of younger girls to follow her lead. She doesn't even stop to think that she might be the problem.
    News flash: this child isn't a saint. Clearly she hasn't grown up yet. Granted she is a talented singer; her social skills needs serious reformation. We already know that she lacks a I guess she has nothing to lose.


    Ok, first of all, people have got to stop hating on Joe Jonas. You swifties think that you know what Joe did to Taylor but you don't. Why do u even judge him when you don't even look at yourself. Are you perfect? No.


    this is so dumb. did anyone think even for a second that taylor's song was about joe? their relationship is ancient history, she's had like 10 boyfriends since him. honestly, pretty sure the only reason joe even answered this question (when he's usually like pretty quiet about his relationships) is because the jonas brothers are totally irrelevant now (no offense, but they haven't released anything good in YEARS. and hello we have one direction and the wanted now), and trying to make a comeback. definitely did it for the PR.


    What comes around goes around. I love the hypocrisy on this site. Taylor is allowed to slam people in her music, but it's not allowed to happen the other way around?

    @ david

    actually, she has a reason to "slam" people in her music. It's because people treat her very badly and she vents through her music. Joe broke up with her in 29 seconds on the phone then moved on within a week to Camilla. What did Taylor do? That's right nothing. She wrote a song.

    @ david

    pretty sure when taylor slams people she isnt as obvious and hers has purpose. he broke up with her to go out with camilla and now hes saying that the girl hes got now is much better than tay. a bit harsh i mean he sounds like hes rubbing it in her face. i mean he wrote a verse of his song on one of taylors songs.


    joe is sooooo childish to get back at taylor when all she did was tell the truth!


    Joe is awful to do such a thing to taylor when he is clearly at fault. i used to like the jonas bros but i don't anymore.


    i LOVE joe !!! but i'm on taylor's side. :S
    they should just GET OVER IT !







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