Taylor Delivers Swift Response to Joe Jonas, Camilla Belle Relationship

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A handful of readers have written in and expressed shock that Joe Jonas would get into a new relationship - with actress Camilla Belle - so soon after breaking up with Taylor Swift.

We can now count Swift in that group, as the singer told OK! that Belle was actually the basis for her and Jonas' split.

"They've been together since we broke up," Swift said. "That's why we broke up - because he met her."

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Does that mean her and Joe aren't friends? 

"We don't talk," Swift said.

Ouch. We wonder if the cheating Belle will toll next for Camilla. Look out, honey!

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Those of you who dont believe taylor well fuck you because i belive every word she says. Joe shouldnt have went out with camilla right after breaking up with tay i think he is a cheater. everybody thinks that the jonas brothers are hot and a big thing but i just think they are lame...really lame. Taylor looks way better than camilla Fuck camilla and joe*(


i dont believe anyhting taylor says she just keeps changing the story. I think she is trying to go back out with joe but thats the wrong way 2 do it she should've just told him she still likes him. He's with Camilla now she should get over him and move on, AND she needs to stop making up stories that nobody believes. I dont see the point of this she may be trying to win fans and make joe lose fans but nobody believes her she's the one thats loosing fans. Taylor quit acting like a baby bacause you are just making yourself look like total idiot that makes really lame stories.


go taylor i hate camilla belle i wish joe was with demi! they would make a cute couple!!!!!!!


Tay is such a lying little bratty (never mind shouldn't say more). Joe had the right to break-up with her. It's wasn't called for for her to go spread rumors and make that uncalled for Vid with the Joe Jonas Doll. Very Mature Taylor!


I think Taylor has the right 2 be mad at Joe. He should of not had another girlfriend right after the broke up. She nedds 2 find a better guy. CB should of known that it was wrong 2 go out with him right after they broke up.


luv ya joe!!!
tay- not sucha big fan.
i don't believe one word out of that liars mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!


omg i cant believe taylor would make up that story just to blame joe. yeah, ceci jonas is so right. if i were joe or any of his fans, i wouldn't even pay attention to what taylor says because its all lies. she needs to move on and quit being such a baby about every little break up. she thinx shes getting back at joe, but shes really making it all blow up in her face because she cant keep her lies straight. i think tays just jelous because she isnt as pretty as camilla and she wants joe back.


poor taylor. it looks like she's mad at joe. maybe joe didn't have feelings for her anymore. whatever happens taylor should move on she's pretty and talented. she'll get whoever guy she wants.


dat's cool..
i still admire joe..
watever happen..


she told ok magazine joe & camilla started dating right after joe dumped her right? well she told twist magazine that joe had been with camilla for months and that that's why they broke up. the only thing that stayed consistant was the "that's why we broke up" part, what up with that?

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