Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Sets Ratings Record, Defeats Republican National Convention

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Here's an idea: perhaps Honey Boo Boo should have spoken at the Republican National Convention.

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    I Love this show. I really don't know why, but it makes me laugh. Why does everyone have to be so negative. If you don't like it, TURN THE TV!! June you go girl!!


    So sick of disgusting-acting fat folks on tv. Ugh, won't watch again. Made me want to puke (these folks would be gross even if not so enormous).


    I've never watched the Honey Boo Boo show. However, my feeling for any and all shows is that if you don't like it, don't watch it...period.


    no wonder we keep getting people in office who don't care about anyone and nobody knows anything about politics- the American people are all sitting around at home stuffing their complacent faces watching an obese, white trash family humiliate themselves for the viewer's amusement. i am so done


    Watching fatties go to a water park? This is entertainment? I personally like to avoid going to water parks for this reason. You want to laugh? You want to have fun and grow closer to your family? Get off the fucking couch and go to the park, an art festival, the library. Doing almost anything else would be a better use of your time. You only get one life and do you really want to waste your precious little time on this planet watching this mind numbing crap? Even for one minute!!!!


    @Blak Kat they have sub tiltes you know. Just learn to read. On another note..... .This show is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!


    They shoulda called the show, "Keeping up with the honey boo boo's".




    Stfu with the negative comments it's getting real old it's soo obvious that you watch the show or you wouldn't know what it's about. All this bullshit talkin is why people r tunning in 2 c what the big fuss is so you're actually helping her sucess by giving an opinion cuz you make her relevant dumbasses. Btw there's more 2 this countries moral decline than little boo. If u don't like her, don't watch her but u probably do, you in the privacy of ur home watch this show but aint got the balls to admit it. The ratings r getting higher 4 a reason. The more u talk about her the more popular she becomes as a result whether its good or bad. Just like kim kardashian.


    That's disgraceful!! TLC used to have educational shows (the learning Channel); now the programmIng caters to the stupidity and baseless desires of Americans... That is sad...

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