Clint Eastwood Debates, Slams Invisible President Obama on Republican National Convention Stage

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Movie icon Clint Eastwood delivered an unscripted and bizarre endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Thursday night.

Taking the stage before Mitt Romney's speech to the party's national convention, Eastwood carried on a rambling "conversation" with an empty chair.

A chair occupied by an imaginary President Barack Obama. Seriously:

The Oscar-winning director criticized Obama for failing to turn the economy around and for wanting to close the Guantanamo Bay prison for terror suspects.

"How do you handle the promises you've made? What do you say?" he asked the invisible Obama. "I know even some of the people in your party were disappointed."

At another, even stranger point, the 82-year-old Eastwood acted as if he were listening to imaginary Obama unleash a diatribe against Romney, poking Vice President Joe Biden and letting the convention audience "guess what the president said."

"He can't do that to himself. You're absolutely crazy!" Eastwood responded.

"You're getting as bad as Biden. Biden is the intellect in the Democratic Party. It's just kind of a grin with a body behind it."

At one point, Eastwood talked about the need for change.

"When somebody doesn't do the job, you gotta let 'em go," Eastwood said. Then the tough-guy actor of Dirty Harry fame drew a finger across his throat.

Backstage, stern-faced Romney aides winced for 10 minutes straight.

And the winner of this "debate" is ...


This election is going to be a total landslide - not even remotely close. Barack is gonna beat the shit out of Romney...and Mitt can then go back to living under the rock.


Hey Meg! Is there room to shake my pom-poms, too???? Hahahaha! Matt your comments are GREAT! Only a Kansan, not to mention, a small town girl could best appreciate your style and wit! You are magic! You make me glow with your every well as your bold, blunt expressions! Sometimes, your words make me quiver! :)


continued... and if you only research online look at websites that are credible and can back up their claims with valid resources. The rich own this country, they own most of the government, and will continue do to so until we stand up and vote for what is right and true. We will never be united if we continue to fight with each other while living in ignorance. "United We Stand, Divided We Fall"




Clint has a set of balls that would choke a Clydesdale. Short version- he told Hollywood to kiss his ass. He told democrats they need to be fired and he told Obama he was nobody- just like what was in that chair.


This is so funny! Now I just want to watch the whole RNC showcase just to see what other classic moments I’ve missed. I was held up in my office at Dish the night it originally aired or else I would’ve loved to watch this train wreck unfold live. Luckily, my Hopper DVR comes equipped with the PrimeTime Any Time feature, which auto-records big events and everything on the major networks during primetime hours, so I have the whole thing stored on my DVR without even thinking about it. I don’t know if Clint Eastwood will ever live this one down! Talk about absolutely crazy!


Jeanne I can't wait to see the Democratic Nat'l Convention! They'll spend oodles on glitz, diplomatically placing blacks, Hispanics and women on stage in an attempt to show they are the party of the people--hmmm--the same strategy the GOP used this past week and got trashed for by the liberals for doing so, ha....and the Dems will herd as many Hollywood light-weights as they can on stage--as if that makes Obama more electable (instead of possessing a good record, proficient leadership skills & policies that have worked in 4 yrs) It's all to dazzle the TV viewing audience who is waking up & seeing the truth about B.O. Thus, it won't work. It'll be a waste of money, but it's folks like you who will have to go through it and see what I say is true....eventually. But, take your time, I know it takes a lot for a liberal to get their head around the truth.




Jeanne- I'm laying 2 to 1 odds that's Chely. Obama is on his last leg. Democrats? In their convention you will see IGNORANCE HATE & MORE HATE! These people are the shit of the earth. The undecided are trying to figure out only one thing- Will they be declared a racist if they (WHITES) vote against Obama. That is where the decision is for those. Guilt will handicap you anyway if you let it. Just listen to the Blacks on these threads. For some reason they think that THEY are the ones to decide if you are racist or not! They are the self appointed judge and guess what- if you give them what they want then they may think of giving you a pass! Maybe- but, I doubt it! WAKE UP AMERICA! PULL YOUR NUTSACK UP AND TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!


Right jeanne!!!! b. HUSSEIN o. and his muslim brotherhood--there goes our UNITED STATE OF AMERICA one bit at a time, subtly, until it isn't the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ANYMORE. His mission. Just really look at his history please! Then every one will stop and say "what the heck happened" and they will realize, too late!!!! You don't like Mitt, noooo problem, but you've got to see what's happening here. Not only have they infiltrated our country, but our W. H. as well...

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