Kristen Stewart vs. Rupert Sanders: Who's to Blame?

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Let's get this out of the way: Kristen Stewart was wrong for cheating on Robert Pattinson. There's no excuse for infidelity. It's immoral and dishonest and hurtful to the person you supposedly care about most.

But - good gracious! - have you been reading the Internet since this scandal broke?!?

Is it possible justifiable criticism has morphed into ugly, inappropriate, sexist anger? Especially when one considers Stewart's age and the marital status of the man with whom she got involved?

Image of Kristen Stewart
Rupert Sanders Down Under

Stewart is 22. Rupert Sanders is 41. He is married and has two children. She is legally single and has none. According to various reports, the leaked photos of this pair represented the entirety of their actions; i.e. they did not have sex.

Moreover, Sanders served in the capacity of Stewart's director on Snow White and the Huntsman, a position of power, someone Stewart - on a professional basis, granted - took orders from for many weeks.

But where is the backlash against Sanders? The latest rumor even states he'll be hired back as director on a possible Snow White sequel, while Stewart's role has either been eliminated or greatly reduced.

Considering all these factors, we need to ask: Is Kristen Stewart being unfairly treated by the public?

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the bastard ! I swear, i will never watch any of his movies and oh my god if they let them do the SWATH2!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG people! Their relationship was never real in the first place! It was created as publicity for the Twilight series. Come on.


Rupert is to blame, director of actors and nearly 20 yrs older than Kristen. He manipulated her emotionally and didn't care about his own wife and kids. Letting the little head do all of the thinking and simply wanting a young beautiful woman, while he could since he could plan it carefully each day while she was working with him on a daily basis.


i agree with carol


he took advantage of a young girl


They are both to blame if rupert loved his wife and kirsten loved robert like they said they did they should have stoped it before it even started.


so beautiful pix


She has only been able to drink (legally)for at most 2 years he has as long as she has been able to who is more to blame a very young lady or a middle aged my someone that could have been her dad. I know if she were my daughter I would tell her to learn from her mistakes and talk to a lawyer because some men have been brought up on charges in situations like this after all her boss i mean comeon and i am not a fan of her recent movies


Guys, y is this even on the internet! It is just like everyone is giving comments on their relationship! Wait, y did i say like?? IT IS EXACTLY WATS HAPPENING!! u guys r leaving comments on like ur in the relationship with them!?!? wat is is? A MILLION PEOPLE IN ONE SINGLE RELATIONSHIP!?
If ur in a relationship: would u like it is everyone was leaving comments on ur relationship?
If not: Y r u even doing this?? hoping u can also be in a relationship??
real classic


FINALLY!!! I have been saying this for weeks. Its about time one of these journalist type sites finally recognized that Stewart is being damned when the person who should be attacked is Sanders. I do not doubt that Sanders manipulated Stewart into this position. There is a reason why when a man is in a position of power in offices, schools, etc. they are charged with sexual harassment for something like this. If Stewart had any sense at all she would see an attorney and sue Sanders. This is a blatant example of sexual harassment and unfortunately the ignorant masses fail to see it as usual.

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