Robert Pattinson Speaks on Sex, Cosmopolis Climaxes, Positive Reviews

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Robert Pattinson sat down with Josh Horowitz of MTV last night, going into detail about the most pressing issue in his life these days.

His professional life, that is. The topic of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders was never broached once.

Instead, Pattinson delved into various topics related to Cosmopolis, the David Cronenberg-directed drama in which the actor stars as billionaire Eric Parker.

Cosmopolis Still

Most of the movie takes place inside a limo, with Pattinson's character on the way to get a haircut. This, of course, led to the inevitable question: has Robert ever peed inside a car?

YES! "Well, not all over the car," he said. "In a bottle!"

Self-deprecating as always, Pattinson said that receiving an offer from Cronenberg was "one of the first times I actually considered myself an actor."

"It was total luck, like a gift to get the job," he added. "I sort of fell into acting, it's not like I've been striving since I was a kid. I like movies more than acting, I think. I like the idea of being in movies that I like, so at least I've contributed something."

In Cosmopolis, Pattinson contributes to a sex scene, something that "becomes funnier [as you go along]" he explained, delving into the "mechanics" of such an act on camera.

"There's a climax and stuff. You're trying to figure that out... That was my idea, the climax scene and saying, 'Do you find this interesting?' afterwards. We're doing it in one take, you have to figure out what to do. I'm trying to hide my belly."

Whatever Pattinson did, it clearly worked. He's receiving the best reviews of his career for the role. How does that feel?

"It's a relief not to get sh-t on," he said. "I've had a lot of sh-t on my head."

Earlier in the week, Rob talked to Good Morning America and said he's not in the business of selling his personal life. Seriously, this guy rules.


I can not wait for robert pattinson's new film called cosmpolis to come out as it will be another massive film just like they others he done as as i am such a massive fan i am excited to go and see it and buy it on dvd aswell.


I think they both need space to think, I know there famous but their also human.and US humans make stupid mistakes,that's how we learn. Kristen is young and all she does is work. Hey we shouldn't turn on her,that's messed up. That's their business:)


All you people writing bad things about Rob are probably fat and ugly.


Robert is not a gay.Why do you all think that he is a gay?All of you are such a stupid people.Robert is my life and my prince.I love you so much Rob.


Oh boo hoo this guy sux. I dont see why media dont ask How are you taking the recent news of your girlfriends infidelity? They would ask anyone else. What a douche packer...


He's not talking because he's gay that would really dwindle his fan base don't u think?


C-L-A-S-S ACT. All the way. He's way to good for Stewart.


You have to give respect to a guy that doesn't talk about his privite life. I know some guys that tell everything, like in high school. Thank you Rob for having real CLASS!!!! ;)


Same here Sasha! Never cared for him but after seeing all this that have happened recently, he have major class!! I respect him a lot for being himself and not bringing others down because of the hurt they cause him! Will be checking out this movie! (:


To be honest, I never liked him until all this. Seeing how classy he has handled the break up makes me a fan. Now her on the other hand...not a fan. I just hope she realizes what a class act she lost and the next time one comes along, she appreciates him.


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