Emma Stone Lights Up for Interview Magazine

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Emma Stone is featured in the latest issue of Interview.

A very different Emma Stone, we should say.

The wildly popular actress - seriously, who didn't adore her in Easy A... or The Help... or Crazy, Stupid Love? - covers September's edition of this magazine and brings a futuristic, serious look to its pages. Also, a cigarette...

  • Emma Stone Interview Cover
  • Emma Stone for Interview

Stone is actually interviewed by director Cameron Crowe for the piece and tells him that she's still a work in progress when it comes to this fame thing.

"I don't think that I've been deft at hiding parts of my personality," the actress says of giving print interviews. "I have not mentioned parts of my life, for sure - although I have talked about my childhood more now and anxiety and that side of myself. I don't think that people would expect that I would have panic attacks... Or I don't know if they would, because I don't know what people expect of me. I have no idea."

Stone also says fans may actually know someone like Taylor Swift because she "tells her own stories." But it's different for an actress.

"I'm playing characters, so that kind of authenticity of self in this job is a little bit different. A lot of times I feel like people come up to me because they think I'm like my character in Easy A, or because they've seen me in interviews, but really what they're a fan of is a movie or a character."

Pick up the latest issue of Interview for more. (P.S. We frickin LOVE Emma Stone!!!)

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