Eddie Cibrian to LeAnn Rimes: Chill Out With the Tweeting!

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LeAnn Rimes' prolific Tweeting is apparently something her husband, Eddie Cibrian, took issue with long before she sought treatment for stress issues.

The 30-year-old singer announced she has entered facility to treat “stress and anxiety,” having endured a relentless, vitriolic campaign of cyber-bullying.

But could LeAnn Rimes' emotional breakdown have been prevented?

Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

Even though he's been nothing but supportive of his wife through this bullying ordeal, for Eddie Cibrian, this may be an I-told-you-so-moment of sorts.

From her over-sharing about Eddie's kids to posting countless bikini pics and chatting with fans for hours on end, the actor has long been concerned.

“Eddie hates Twitter and doesn’t want LeAnn to be on there so much,” a source close to the couple said, and this was before the star's breakdown.

“He would ask her to not meet people through Twitter and wanted her to get off of there ... he thought she was out of control and not able to handle it."

Eddie was worried about his wife’s interaction on the Internet with fans and detractors, and for good reason, as it looks to have taken a severe toll.

Two people LeAnn claims to have extended an olive branch to recorded her illegally and posted excerpts of their conversation online. She's suing.

Bottom line ... Rimes' haters need to chill out and take it down a notch or 20, but LeAnn may want to follow Eddie's advice on this one as well.

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I love you Justin bieber


I think it needs to be noted that this is potentially another case of the lessons of childhood being stolen by Hollywood/Nashville/fame. She's going to learn coping mechanisms? Really? My parents and teachers and coaches taught me those in my childhood. Sure - every once in a while I need to give myself a refresher course. But who doesn't? This is not her fault. Her parents and then a judge failed her when she was emancipated from her parents in her late teens. Her constant need for attention is heartbreakingly revealing of her low self esteem and seeming unhappiness.


So Leann called this woman from twitter (and by the way listen to the recording.. it was not an olive branch it was to bash the ex wife, and now she is suing this Teacher for $25,000?! I guess her people are trying to make her look like the victim. Oh and you can block people from contacting you on twitter so I dont buy her story at all. Maybe she should learn some humility.


Turn off the computer,you stupid bitch! lol


When you constantly put all your business on display, you have to expect that people are going to judge. I do not have a Facebook or a twitter account, because if I want someone to know something about me, I will tell them. People do not need to know my every move unless I invite them to go with me. Leann made some mistakes, and unfortunately for her being famous means everyone knows about it and judges her. She should lay low and live her life more privately rather than her current "IN YOUR FACE" way she is living. No one needs to know where she is vacationing, or how many bikinis she is changing into. Trust me, average women do not like seeing her ribs poking out. And as far as men, only a dog likes a bone.


does she really expect anyone to give her sympathy, after her continuous bashing and attempts to humiliate Brandy? Love how she claims everyone has moved on... only she has moved on because she is 100% at fault.. 2 words.. HOME WRECKER! wonder who is humiliated now? Karma is a bi_ch!


I don't know what he sees in her besides her 30 million. She is not attractive at all. He's gorgeous but a douche. Any show he's on gets canceled. As for Brandi, she's not the brightest light bulb either. LeAnn is getting what she deserves. If you post constantly about your life you need to expect comments. Karma will get you every time.


when will people learn that the internet is just a tool that brings out the worst in humans? you cannot mess around on websites or chatrooms and not expect SOME sort of negativity. I stay awy from most things and am very careful what I post on facebook. people are crazy.


So ridiculous to me how people are so addicted to 'tweeting' . . or any of the social media cr-p . . . seems they are just addicted to the internet.

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