LeAnn Rimes Sues Women For Illegal Phone Tapping, Invasion of Privacy

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The LeAnn Rimes bullying saga, which came to a head earlier this week and landed her in a treatment for emotional issues, has taken another unexpected turn.

The singer has filed a lawsuit against Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley, two women she claims illegally taped a conversation with her and posted it online.

LeAnn Rimes says the Smileys are supporters of Brandi Glanville - Eddie Cibrian's ex - and launched a campaign to trash her after she started seeing him.

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LeAnn and Eddie had an affair several years ago while both were married to other people; both stars got divorced and then married each other in 2011.

The campaign of terror against her never ceased, however. Earlier this year, LeAnn claims she called Kimberly in an attempt to stop the online bullying.

During the conversation, LeAnn says she attempted to be kind and said she just wanted peace ... but Kimberly and Lexi secretly recorded the phone call.

According to Rimes, they posted out-of-context excerpts online painting her in a "false and negative light" and calling LeAnn "crazy and delusional."

LeAnn is suing for invasion of privacy. Her attorney says she'll seek police help in an effort to get the people responsible for the recording prosecuted.

Brandi Glanville has feuded publicly with LeAnn in recent years, and it's clear the Smileys are "supporters" of Brandi, but it's unclear if they even know her.

Rimes is in a treatment facility for stress and anxiety management; it is not a rehab center for substance abuse or eating disorders, as has been rumored.

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Wow Lisa from L.A. obsess much?


Leann is a silly, self-indulgent women, who tries too hard. She needs to quit tweeting those ridiculous bikini photos, quit walking around in a thong in front of his small children(she looks like trailer trash with her butt hanging out like that, his kids do not need to see that), and never, never, call people you do not know, and try to defend yourself over your insane behavior. Of course they were going to record her, who wouldn't, and what does she do next? Files a silly lawsuit that will only draw more attention to her scandalous behavior and all the photos of her and him catting around will make the rounds again. Also, Leann those two women are not the only two who think you are behaving like a 13 year old child.


what in the world is wrong with these women? Dont they have a family life? I read sumwhere n an article tht K Smiley had 6kids. How in the heck does she have time to harass a celebrity. She better b doin alot of prayin cuz shes gonna need it. She was so proud that she supposedly had sumthin 2hold ovr LeAnns head bt it backfired. The real thing that bothers me is shes a SPECIAL ED TEACHER!! Bullying is a big deal n school. She deserves 2 get fired. I would say her school has received a bunch of calls already. She needs 2 quit playing the victim like she says LeAnn is doing. Oh well, u live and learn and shes gonna get the book thrown at her. Did sumbody tell her if the court favors LeAnns lawsuit, then law enforcement can follow up by pressing charges! Take care of ur kids and quit trying 2 live in thefanstasy world. Needs to quiy bullying people!


CONT fans than before LOL I cant wait for a judge to see that Leann doesnt bully or stalk these women, she only stands up for herself. I also cant wait for the court to get ahold of all the defendants...Kim plus others, Twitter records and stuff from other websites. Im so totally against bullying that Im on Leanns side, who I really dont care for lol! No, Im not getting paid...I WISH! And Im not Leann. Wanna hear tons more...goto Radar and read all the comments, theres tons of good info there. Im pulling for Leann. These grown women should have known better!!!!!! They made their bed now they r gonna have 2 lay in it! Plus possibly pay out a few grand!!


this all is pathetic like who cares .. just ignore them and Rimes is just as pathetic.. like it would have made a bit of diff if she hadn't kept parading around - should have kept to her first love music.. sorry and i mean no offense but she listens to people like this .. how sad and insecure is she.. heres a hint get out of the news and stop showing that scare crow body all over .., gross


Thank God lawyers are getting involved.
It's time that for this vendetta to end.
What happened to break up two marriages happens everyday in this world. IT'S called INFIDELITY and is as old as the Bible.
These women need to get a grip on reality. No one got hurt or died in this mess.
It's time for these women including the ex if she is involved to stop this harassment and I hope that this lawsuit is successful and will end this whole thing for everyone's sake.

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