Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco: Married!

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Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco tied the knot in Miami, Fla., on the Fourth of July as friends, family and of course VH1's cameras looked on.

The reality star, 36, and the NFL player, 34, said their vows for their VH1 show, Eve and Ocho, debuting in September. Yes, that's a real show.

The football star also live tweeted portions of his big day, allowing his 3.5 million Twitter followers to gain access to his pre-ceremony planning.

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Photo

Once the ceremony wrapped, Ochocinco updated his profile pic to show off an image of his and Evelyn Lozada's wedding rings. Ah, 21st Century romance.

"How many times is Eve gonna change outfits... Is this normal to have more than 1 outfit besides the wedding gown?" Ochocinco jokingly tweeted.

Getting married to the Basketball Wives star on July 4 was in part a calculated move, Chad admits, "so I'd never forget our damn anniversary."

After (mostly) enjoying a two-year engagement and weathering some ups and downs - such as briefly calling off the wedding - the couple is on cloud nine.

Says Evelyn of her new husband:

"We have a true friendship. And he can keep up with my mouth! I'm very verbal, and say what I think and feel. He's the same way. He makes me laugh."

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Knew.dior you are just like them,no dignity get a life.violence is not the answer.uh


It is really sad, Ev you are so disrespectful to people and now this is what you have gotten has a Husband. Disrespect on any level should not be the rule for one life's. You have gotten what you have put out to the universe. When you demand more of yourself, you can expect and get it from others. You way of acting and treating people is an example of what you are getting. If you take the money away, what do you really have......Disrespect on both sides


no matter what our opinion are no one knows how the cake taste unless they are eating it


This greedy whore deserves whatever Chad dishes out to her.


Ev. I remember you being good with Chad sleeping with other women as long as you knew about it. Is it that serious for you to have a man that you will settle for stuff like that. You get what you pay for. You are a beautiful woman and you should drop that Zer0 and get Hero. You have a nice body, looks, and your own money so you can get any man your heart desires. Date Joe the plumber as oppose to all these men in the limelight who will be subjected to women throwing their stuff at them for a chance at getting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You know how that is you were one of those girls at one time. You reap what you sow.


Evelyn, sometimes it's best 2 listern 2 yur friends. What makes u think u have d PLATIUM ONE!!!


A real friend and husband is not going to headbutt you for finding a receipt for condoms. Get out of the marriage now!


Eve and Chad make the world a liar and show people that u can be a success story through it all. Make God ur center and keep ur lives open yet private ( You know what I mean) and most importantly remember u are an example for UR CHILDREN...IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! You will have an impact on whomever watches your lives unfurl good or bad and yes it does matter. We have too many negative minorities in reality tv....MAKE A DIFFERENCE...PLEASE & God bless your lives and marriage...Cherita...peace! Love the make-up line E...much success!


Well first of off i enjoyed basketwives until all of evelyns bullying occurred! Evelyn always thought that by jumping in other peoples faces was all cool but its not!!! Eve you really really need to reevaluate yourself before you either marry someone , have children with someone or better yet having friends!!! You and jennifer were goodfriends at one point. But you always seem to start nonsense with her!!! The real reason y you felt the need to break her down was because of the fact you were brokendown yourself!!!! For a lady whos thought or thinks she is a bad bitch one day you will meet ur match and everyone will see how bad u really are!!!!!! Chad honey you really dont want a woman like that in ur life all she would bring in ur life is alot of misery and jealousy!!! The next thing u know you wouldnt be allowed to have lunch or dinner with ur own momma!!!!!!LL


Well,all I can say is God bless who cares what anybody else thinks or says don't worry B happy UH, fan of U both that being said Eve watch that man I DON't trust him! GOD BLESS.

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