America's Got Talent Results: Who Made Latest Cut?

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It was Bring Your Olympian to Work Day on the America's Got Talent results show this week, as Gabby Douglas tried to cover up the levels of YouTube poop with her big smile and effervescent attitude.

Other than that highlight, though, there was no reason for the four acts chosen to continue on to the next round. Three of them seem destined to be eliminated as quickly as we've known them...

Distracted by Nick Cannon

Eliminations One: Reverse Order, Cast in Bronze, Academy of Villains
This first group up for eliminations was a no brainer. Reverse Order didn't choose the right song to showcase their lead singer. Cast in Bronze may have gotten more votes if he performed "Tubular Bells" and went all alien/lasers with his performance. The clear frontrunner was Academy of Villains which reminds me of a more mature West Springfield Dance Team from last season.

Advanced: Academy of Villains

Eliminations Two: 7 in Unison, Bria Kelly, Rudy Coby
Again, there was no contest in this group. If Rudy Coby was as dark and Marilyn Manson-esque, he should have been creepier. Go with the full It clown running around, have fake blood, darkness, and other bumps in the night to really set the mood. Academy of Villains were darker and creepier. 7 in Unison could have done a "Jazz" routine, but shouldn't have done it to "Fever," the song aged them unnecessarily 20 years and made them feel like really bad burlesque dancers. While I have my reservations about Bria Kelly and her readiness, she performed a solid song and deserved to move on.

Advanced: Bria Kelly

Eliminations Three: The Magic of Puck, Eric Buss, Melinda Hill
According to Wikipedia Melinda Hill was some TV shows. Take it for what you will. Melinda Hill wasn't funny during her performance and doesn't deserve to move on, especially with better comedians already in the next round. Eric Buss made no sense to me. If I could, I would have voted for the cleaning crew that had to brush his mess into cardboard boxes. The Magic of Puck was way too small scale for a show like this, but on a night of mediocre, this allows Puck to go bigger next time and already have some exposure to the stage setup.

Advanced: The Magic of Puck

Final Eliminations: Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots, Drew Erwin, Romeo Dance Cheetah
It seemed obvious that air guitarist Romeo Dance Cheetah was going to be eliminated. At least the other two in this group had a discernible talent. Even Eric Buss had carpentry skills to fall back on. My biggest concern with Clint is that his birds will become boring. A dog act is one thing, but birds can be a challenge; they either are going to fly around or try talking like humans. Drew Erwin should be primed for Glee by now and could have slipped through The Glee Project just like Blake Jenner did. Sadly, Drew's not ready for this show though.

Eliminated: Romeo Dance Cheetah
Clint's Votes: Howard and Sharon
Drew's Votes: Unknown


I'm not sure who is giving the grades out but I feel they need to re-look @ Andrew Deleon's grade again. I feel the people buying the CD's and paying to see the shows should make that grade & I want to know when Andrew's new CD will be ready because I'm ready to buy it. "Akward" how rediculous!


Rudy Coby got shafted, Sharon calling him or comparing him to a Nazi was disgusting behavior, especially on the part of someone throwing a temper tantrum because her son was taken off a stupid NBC show. She is really on better than NBC for doing that. He is also a victim of America and it's short attention span. Academy of Villains, wow! A generic dance group dressed up all evil like, have not seen that before...oh wait I have. A generic young female singer, boring. A generic and boring Magician. His whole act was something you could buy at a novelty shop. also, someone didn't make it through by dong the same exact magic act in auditions. The more generic you are, the better you do on these shows. America may have talent, but it sure doesn't know talent.


I have one question about the results. Out of Drew and Clint, who got fourth and who got fith? not by the judges vote but by americas vote. if you think about it, clint does have talent, but having a bird fly through the hall isnt a headline act, singing is.


It was a bad night for performances for Americas Got Talent. I hoped for more after a three week break, but it was more mediocre performances. I thought the three to pass Academy of Villains, Bria Kelly and The Magic of Puck were the best choices. I’m glad I can watch AGT without commercials using my Auto Hop feature. This will be something I can use all the time, since I don’t like commercials and having to manually skip. Now I can choose to skip commercials or let them play on my PrimeTime Anytime shows. One of my coworkers at Dish showed me the Auto Hop functions and how it’s going to make things simple. This isn’t an automatic feature, and I need to confirm if I want to skip commercials before I watch each recording. No more over fast forwarding and I can save the life on the batteries on my remote.


LOL @ bring your olypian to work day! I agreed with the results EXCEPT for the judges choice. Who cares about a dumb parrot flying thru the halls of the building? That's talent? They should have picked Drew!