Vanessa Bryant: Furious With Kobe Over Shirtless Partying Pics!

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Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa is reportedly livid with the NBA star over pics of him partying with women in Spain last week, but is standing by him ... for now.

Vanessa Bryant flew to watch him play in the London Olympics as planned.

Sources close to Vanessa say she is "furious" and "embarrassed" over the photos of Kobe chatting up women at a party last week in Barcelona.

Here's one TMZ photo of Kobe and the girls in question at a nightclub:

Kobe Bryant Shirtless, Partying

Reportedly, Vanessa's anger at Kobe is not because she thinks he was putting it to those girls, but for being in a potentially embarrassing situation.

Whatever you want to make of that, Vanessa Bryant was pissed.

As for the fact that Kobe's shirtless, but he says someone spilled a drink on him, and he was only briefly shirtless before changing into a new shirt.

Add that to your book of excuses, guys.

The couple all but finalized their divorce earlier this year before reconciling, so you know this really didn't go over well. Still, she'll be by his side in London.

Vanessa reportedly says things have been going well with the basketball great since she called off the divorce, and feels this hurdle will be cleared as well.

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