The Real Housewives of New York City: Dirty Ol' Dad

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The Real Housewives of New York City travel down to Miami to meet up with "Dirty Ol' Dad." The ladies brought their swimsuits, their heels and plenty of crazy as we recap it all in our THG +/- review.

Miami is beautiful. The sun, the sand, the surf.  Why do the Housewives have to bring along their craziness?

Aviva's Fish Face

But let's start off with Carole. Since someone is offering to make her new novel into a TV show, finishing it is kind of important. The problem is she's been working on it for four years and she's can't stand to write about her protagonist for one minute more. Minus 10. If Carole doesn't like her main character, why will any else?

Off to Miami we go where the ladies check in with Carole's friend Ranjana at her palace in the sky. Plus 11 because the place is amazing. The view is spectacular and even Aviva with her fear of heights manages to hang out on the balcony.

Ranjana shows the ladies how to do face yoga which she obviously takes quite seriously. It might sound silly but it definitely works for Ranjana. At 56 the woman has beautiful skin. Plus 8.

That Ramona and Sonja manage to act like disruptive brats is no surprise. It seems to be the way they act at all parties.

Aviva quickly learns that Ramona is the equivalent of the Energizer bunny on drugs. Minus 12 because somehow on this trip she's is even wackier than normal.

First she is obsessed with Aviva's prosthetic leg being in the pool to the point that she makes a scene and orders Aviva out of the water.  Minus 15.  Ramona's treating Aviva like she's a child? Aviva lost her leg decades ago. She certainly knows how to handle her prosthetic and even if she ruins it, it's not as though she doesn't have the money to replace it.

It really bothers Aviva but the girl needs to stand up for herself. She runs around complaining to Carole and Sonja instead of telling Ramona to cut the crap.  Minus 10.

It's hard to decide whose behavior is worse, Ramona or George's. 

What can we say about George? He is sex obsessed. He has no filter. He has no manners. He may be perfect for Sonja.

Really, there's nothing cute or sexy about George. He is a well tanned dirty old man looking to cop a feel any chance he gets. Minus 13. He doesn't need a roll in the hay. He needs a good slap to learn to mind his manners.

Unfortunately the slap never happens. Carole finds the dirty old man routine amusing while Ramona and Sonja seem happy just to have the attention.  But minus an additional 13 when George goes from sex crazed fool to pervert as he nudges his erection into Sonja's backside at a club. I was really hoping that someone would throw the old man in the pool to cool off.

Dirty Dad

Then we have Ramona who besides bullying Aviva on multiple occasions about her leg, also kicks her out of the guest bathroom in her own home. And it doesn't end there.

Ramona and Sonja are so late to the dinner party that it causes Aviva to curse and send Mario to try and prod them along and that's after they manage to break the guest shower.  Minus 8. What the heck were they doing in the shower when they broke the hardware off the wall?  Nevermind, I don't think I want to know.

Why was Ramona in someone else's kitchen telling the staff how to serve dinner?  Minus 10. Does the woman have any idea how to be a guest in someone else's home?

The entire trip was awkward and uncomfortable and Aviva seems to be nearing the end of her rope.  What happens when she finally can't hold on?  We might find out next week.


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