Tallulah Willis Nude Photos to Hit the Internet?

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Tallulah Willis is suddenly embroiled in a naked picture scandal.

According to Radar Online, a quartet of photos are being shopped around to various websites and media outlets that depict the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis posing topless, marijuana in hand.

Tallulah turned 18 years old in February.

Tallulah Willis Pic

This is not the first controversy to surround Willis - and it's not even the first controversy to involve allegedly lewd images.

She was cited for underage drinking in Hollywood last year, and her mother actually got into it with Perez Hilton in 2008 when that idiot blogger referred to a then-15-year old Tallulah as a slut based on one low-cut blouse.

Over the last several months, pictures of Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson nude have also made their way around the Internet.


Hard to believe Demi Moore could have ugly kids, but she did. Scout is the worst of the three. Then Rumer. Then this one. However, Teresa "The Ape" Giudice and her nasty husband have the ugliest offspring on the planet. Hands down.


I agree with Janni!!!!


Great lukka

Wv peach

These girls are quite homely....


With all her advantages this is the most ridiculous - all the drama about Demi and what are her children up to - apparently nothing good - someone need to step in maybe cut off the allowances and make them work at Burger King - what comes to easy make for bad medicine - Grow up Bruce and Demi you have 3 tragedies on your hands and that's you children - neither of you ever received press this bad at your worst!!


Messy family. Like father like daughters. Do blame on DEMI MOORE. She is so pityful being cheated by previous ex-husbands. She bears all the pain to give birth to these 3 beautiful princesses. Demi Moore be strong. We all love and care about you. Sending Lots of Love and Best Blessing to you.


Unfortunately, Demi and Bruce's children are homely and should get an education and get a real job to support themselves and stay away from the limelight because no one is interested in the sisters ugly.

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