Star Jones on Anderson Cooper Gay Admission: Total Ratings Grab!

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In a well-reasoned, intelligent, thoughtful statement this week, Anderson Cooper came out to the public this week as a happy, proud gay man.

And Star Jones believes he did so for the ratings.

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Asked about Cooper's announcement by Natalie Morales of The Today Show this morning, the irritating former View co-host said "I'm a little bit of a cynic" and added of Cooper:

"He's a daytime talk show host and when the rating slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them."

Jones then went on to cite Oprah Winfrey and her admission in the 1990s that she was pregnant at 14, hooked on drugs and once considered suicide.

"There [are] times when you generate information for ratings," Jones said, seeming to allege that Winfrey concocted those stories and Cooper had a motive beyond mere honesty for his public reveal.

Seriously, could this woman suck any more if she tried?


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Star jones realy ur pretty wack....
Go work out learn some manners...
Congrts..anderson for having the balls
To be real and not fake who u are...


So Many Gays...
Whats This World Coming To?
Oh Yea, AN END!


@Trolls Hey, mind your own business and hobble back under the cyber bridge!


Play nice kiddies!


STAR needs to PISS OFF & get a life! Who cares about this dingbat anyway. The rest of you small minded, & homophobes need to keep your ridiculously, ill-educated opinions to yourselves. Bunch of fuckin' biggots!!!


@Heather Didn't realize I was talking to YOU! Or did you morph from KITTY?!?


Although i dont like Star, i agree with Patricia's comments.....why now?


Star Jones get a life. Look who's talking. That big wedding she had where is the marriage now? Her problem is she thinks she is more educated than everyone else. She should know about ways to increase your ratings after she lied about how she lost weight. Get a life.


@Tm8- CNN ratings are dropping like the Trolls drawers on nickle Beer night. What better time to come out. Bitch laughs like someone goosed him in the ass. JUST HOW DO YOU SUPPORT HIM? Are you his freakin PR guy? Would you be talking about this guy if he wasnt gay?


With so many people in our country being homophobic, I'm sure the last thing Anderson Cooper was thinking was about a "ratings grab". If he wanted more ratings, he could have said he's marrying a woman whom he knocked up. Star Jones is reaching.... Far. Anderson Cooper is an intelligent and respectable man, whom I support.

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