Anderson Cooper: I'm Gay

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CNN's Anderson Cooper recently admitted for the first time, in the context of an email exchange with The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan, that he is gay.


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    Like a trooper. All the time. Especilly the kids. But I have nothing to do with people who think they're special when they're not.


    Well,do you help them? Do you do community service or volunteer?


    The others are a given along with children who are sick and actually are special people.


    Well, it is important to.acknowledge homosexuals too but for your sake, focus on other marginalized groups such as women and those in less fortunate countries.


    I agree. As long as equality does not include homosexuals or any other special interes group


    I think we both shouldn't waste our time arguing over this when we could be investing our energy into something like helping poverty or equality.


    Heterosexuality is not promoted, it's natural. It is what is meant to be between males and females.Homosexuality on the other hand is unnatural and was never meant to be. It is a sickness, emotional or mental. It is plain dirty and disgraceful and it is promoted in parades and public with support from people like yourself. So you are a supporter of a dirty, filthy choice of lifestyle. Think about that. I, personally would be ashamed to support such a thing and would be more inclined to put my support where I could help clean the world, not make it a more disgusting place to be for everyone. You can call it discrimination or whatever you want but I don't support dirt like homosexuality, I fight it. Pogue mahone


    I am not promoting homosexuality. I just want you to realise people are different and can have different sexual orientations which in this case they are entitled to. Heterosexuality is majorly promoted everywhere. I don't see you complaining about that. Don't discriminate.


    Yes, it's their business alright but it's not the world's business. So we don't have to know about their dirty and disgusting little business. Their business is a sick buisness and they are sick and rather than getting some professional help they have promoters like you. Terribly wrong.


    It's just the conventional term. And if the act is consensual then that's their business.

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