Scarlett Johansson to Make HOW MUCH for Avengers Sequel?!?

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The Avengers 2 is a go, that much is certain.

And Scarlett Johansson will most definitely reprise her role in the franchise as Black Widow. But how much will she bank for the sequel? That question is up for debate.

Sexy Scarlett Johansson

A recent New York Post report claimed the beautiful star will earn a $20 million check for the role, a number that would set a new standard for actresses, eclipsing the $19 million payday garnered by Angelina Jolie for The Tourist.

However, a rep for Johansson tells E! News he has no knowledge of such a figure, which does seem to be excessive for what amounts to a supporting role.

Then again, based on The Avengers box office haul, we're pretty sure the sequel can afford any amount.

What do you think? Is Johansson worth $20 million per movie?


Scarlett Johansson deserves all the money and fame she gets, because she is a wonderful actress. Anyone saying she's not is either lying or doesn't have any knowledge about the art of acting at all. She is a beautiful, strong and talented woman and she deserves that much money for every role she plays.


there are twats on here saying she does not deserve the money or she cannot act. Well you guys are a bunch of twats. She is the one being paid and no one can do a better acting of The black widow than she is at the moment which is why she is being given so much to be kept in the first place!


There is not a person on earth who should get that much money to ACT. Its obscene. Oh wait, maybe she will use it to feed the poor or housing for the homeless. That would be awesome. But she probably wont.


Not a chance..Emily Blunt was chosen over SJ for the BW role if you remember but couldn't get out of a prior commitment at time of shooting so they went back to their 2nd choice..Many girls could play BW much better than her and its only a support role.I think its promotion to see how people react to build the BW character.Her rep denied it.


this is based on my own personal opinion bt these ppl gt paid all this money to do a movie or party on tv bt so much of us just try 2 keep our familys fed and bills paid its just crazy 2 me

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