The Avengers Global Box Office Haul: Record-Breaking!

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Take cover, Katniss Everdeen and the cast of Think Like a Man, The Avengers is coming for you.

While this Marvel blockbuster doesn't open until May 4 in the United States, it's international box office haul from this weekend portends a record-shattering few days ahead in America, as The Avengers raked in $178 million worldwide from Wednesday to Sunday.

For some perspective:

  • That's more than Battleship grossed in in its first two weeks abroad, and nearly what The Hunger Games has earned in over a month.
  • That figure alone would make The Avengers the third highest-grossing film of 2012 domestically.
  • It garnered the most from Great Britain, $24.7 million
  • It hasn't even opened yet in such huge markets as China, Japan or Russia.

Or the U.S., of course. Are you excited for The Avengers?


First Of All great britain IS NOT Great ? they done enough,evil,bloodshed and masscre in name of colonialism Second Avengers Will Blow dark knight rises


Oh yeah, im very excited to watch the avengers movie, just the trailers are ;-)