Robert Pattinson Wonders: Why Do People Cheat?

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Robert Pattinson is yet to speak out regarding Kristen Stewart's admitted affair with Rupert Sanders.

But although it wouldn't be difficult to imagine the pain this actor is in regardless, he actually expressed his take on infidelity in the April edition of Italian Vanity Fair.

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"There's a thing I've never got, that is, why do people cheat?" Pattinson asked in the article. "I can understand the impulse, but not how you can keep two relationships going at the same time for long. This usually happens to people with children."

Sanders, of course, does have two children. But Stewart claims her dalliance with the director was a one-time thing, a "momentary indiscretion."

“I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy," Rob also told the magazine. "If I choose to be with someone it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100% into it."

Stewart, as these makeout photos prove, can't say the same.

What do you think? Should Robert forgive Kristen?

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Rob. Stay strong. If your love is strong. Work it out what Kristen did was wrong by all levels. I still say something is wrong. She fought hard to never admitting. Your relationship. No one. In 4yrs. Since2008. Never knew. If you. Two. Were together or not. But yet there is a couple. Of pictures. With. Kristen. And. That dirt bag that Kristen. Is possing. For picture. It does not make. Sence. That dirt bag. Knew she was in a relationship. He is 41yrs old what if he was producer in 1st twilight Kristen was 17 would he have conducted him self. In that manner. That ass hole should never. Produce another movie. I will never see anything that bastered has any thing to do with if there is a sequel to snow white. If he is producer. Every one should ban from seeing it and as for Kristen any thing. She does know every one will watch very closely. Know one will trust her she has done slot of damage to acting career. Unless. Rob stands. With her she could. Be finished


rob u and kris belongs to each other just give her another chance and if she blows it then walk away u and her are meant to be together


Robert you deserve better, KRISTEN IS A SLUT!
not to mention not very pretty at all.


rob should forgive kristen , well im not saying that what kristen did was right , but if they really love each other they will save their long time relationship and think of many reasons why they fell in love with each other in the first place. Love will find its way to forgive and start all over again, maybe they need a little time but not too long to forget what they have once. Love is stronger than any other thing its all about taking risk if that risk is worth it and will lead you to your happiness.


Dont forget Rob was linked to another Twilight star and he was also " the other man" for awhile....and how about putting some major blame on the MARRIED director....???????


Wow. The comments from the female fans are disgusting and pathetic. Hello, Pattinson was knowingly the other man when kristen was with her boyfriend. He doesn't deserve any sympathy, they're both disgusting. He's fine apparently helping with the cheating, as long as he's not the one being cheated on.


Dear Robert I'm so sorry about this. Stay strong


I'm just glad I never acknowledged them as a couple. Good luck for them. I guess the news means that Stewart will be the new cheater in drawings, journals, blog stories and fanfictions, including Sanders. This will let a lot of Y-fanatics write/draw/imagine "Edward" (Pattinson) with someone less female. And more male. And preferably from "Twilight". I hope they can move on, though. I also hope this is not a public stunt.


I was so impressed with this guy Robert Pattinson. He said “I’m not the casual-affair kind of guy," Rob also told the magazine. "If I choose to be with someone it’s because I really want it. When I have a relationship, I’m 100% into it."
Kristen what are you searching for. He's the perfect Husband.. Out of 10 Loyal, Loving and Caring Boyfriend there is only one boy's like that.
tsk3.. Imma RobSten fan. I feel sorry for Robert.



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