Report: Unopened James Holmes Letter Detailed Plans for Massacre

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According to a new report, James Holmes actually alerted a psychologist at the University of Colorado to his plans to commit mass murder... only the recipient never opened the package in question.

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Fox News says the Colorado shooting suspect mailed a notebook "full of details about how he was going to kill people" to the school's mail room, which is where police and FBI agent found it this week.

“There were drawings of what he was going to do in it - drawings and illustrations of the massacre," an insider with knowledge told Fox, adding that the photos drawn in a spiral-bound notebook’s pages depict a gun-wielding stick figure opening fire on other stick figures.

The package has reportedly been sitting in the mailroom since July 12 and was never delivered to the professor to whom it was addressed. It is now in the hands of the FBI.

It's unclear if the recipient ever had any contact with Holmes, but he or she treats patients at a psychiatry outpatient facility on campus. Holmes was a student at the school’s neuroscience doctoral program until a few weeks ago.

In related, far more positive news: Christian Bale visited victims of the tragedy in Aurora yesterday.

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I wanna cut his hands for all victims.


anyone thinks he look like Rob Schneider from his profile?


@Robert you are a COMPLETE moron. Wipe your mouth, there is a little something on it from the bullshit that comes out of it.


@Robert - Where are you from retardoland? Who do you think planned and executed the attack - aliens from outer space? He did plan and execute the attack. Maybe you should look it up.


@DENIED: And Emmett Kelly (google it) is what you'll look like if Romney wins--sad. Ha!


Why is everyone in the USA asleep? What's wrong with you people? You really think this red haired punk planned and executed the attack at the theatre? I knew many Americans were stupid, I just didn't know how bad it has gotten.

@ Robert

Fuck U Robert u beaner bitch. He was obviously under mind-control, but all this mk ultra bullshit started because we tried to find ways to undermine our enemies like USSR and dumb ass immagrants like you!!!!


He deserves the death penalty. But the death penalty is a JOKE. When someone received that penalty, he should be put to death that same week. 9 of 10 are on death row till they die naturally. So we are still, housing, and feeding these rodents. We need to right out congress men and women, to change the law. If someone is given the death penalty, they get put down within a week.


this guy defiantly has something mental going on BUT this was not the cause of what he did at all!! he planned this out very carefully. sent his plans off for someone to see them (so he could latter make the stupid insanity plea) planted explosives all over his apartment (to either destroy other evidence when police tried to break in or keep them from other evidence I'm sure) everything this guy did he planned carefully. and just saying.. this guy was smart enough to do all of that.. criminals usually aren't this smart which scares me if they do get him off cause if he is put in a psychiatric hospital this sick f*** will escape. trust me... he will escape. nothing he did that night had anything to do with some mental issues he may or may not have!


It's crazy, Why is he still alive? He should've been shot and killed by police that night. He isn't insane he is a spoiled F*** that didn't get what he wanted and threw a tantrum. I hope he gets the worst of punishments. But he will in an eternity in HELL!!!!!!


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