Christian Bale Visits Victims of Aurora Tragedy

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Without alerting the press beforehand or making any public statements while there, Christian Bale visited victims of the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado yesterday.

Local reports confirm the actor spent two-and-a-half hours at the Medical Center of Aurora, meeting with seven patients there, according to Bill Voloch, the interim president of the facility.

One of the victims, Carey Rottman, posted the following photo of himself Bale on Facebook, writing: "Wow!!! Thank you so much for the visit Christian!! What a great guy! Still in shock!"

Bale in Aurora

Added Voloch of the trip: “It was good for the patients. We hope it was therapeutic for them, and all the staff really appreciated him coming."

Over the weekend, Bale shared the same sentiments as many others associated with The Dark Knight Rises and said:

“Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”

The Academy Award winner was accompanied by wife Sibi Blazic and also stopped by a growing memorial near the theater, which includes 12 crosses erected for each of the late victims.


To me I think Christian Is a role model. He's not just batman in a movie he is also batman in real life:) trying to help the people:)


I'm so happy that Christian Bale made an effort to go see all the injured. It's almost as if he went for all of america who has been watching the stories and feeling it in the heart. I didn't like him before, now i totally respect him. Bless all that were wounded and bless the families of the ones that were killed.


Christian Bale is a truly thoughtful fella. Christian TRULY ROCKS!!!!!


Amazing touch of class Mr.Bale! Great to see a genuine gesture done with out the appearance of a PR move. It is moving to see with out being a victim's family member. I can only imagine the peace your gesture made on the families who lost a loved one, or for a survivor dealing with pain from the tragedy. Bravo good sir! Bravo!


Class act indeed!


My heasrt goes out to the all the people and family . I been praying every . God bless you all.


Christian showed great values and much class!!!!! God Bless You!!!


This was an amazing thing that Christian did! Completely selfless and thoughtful and nothing more than to give them all a little faith in this crazy world. Not alerting the press and making a huge production out of it should show how wonderful of a man he is! I truly hope this helped the victims in anyway. Lord knows it will take some time to recover from this tragedy. Prayers are with the victims and their families. To Christian you are a true hero!


What a true hero for him to visit these people


Im so proud to log on to THG today and to see something positive and all postive comments. That was a huge gesture he did, it said alot about him.

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