Octomom to Release Dance Song; Mayans Proven Correct Early

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Palm, meet forehead ... Octomom Nadya Suleman is about to make her musical debut, in the form of a hot new dance track to be released Wednesday, August 1.

Between the Octomom porn movie, her horror film role, the upcoming stripper gig, and the payday loan endorsement deal, her resume sure is growing.

And ridiculous. For whatever reason, Global Groove Entertainment signed her to a deal and already produced her debut single, "Get on the Dance Floor."

It will feature Octomom singing and rapping. Seriously.

Octomom Nadya

Incredibly, the song is being produced by DJ Mr. Mig and Mike Rizzo, who have worked with acts such as Britney Spears, Usher, Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

You can thank her Home Alone porno too. Octomom "felt so liberated" after filming the self-pleasure video, she wanted to find more ways to express herself.

She's also got a boyfriend now in Frankie Grageda ... a 23-year-old bodybuilder. Yes, some guy out there is on the verge of having intercourse with Octomom.

Back to the song: Nadya Suleman allegedly took voice lessons, so you KNOW this will be a watershed moment in music history. Or at least worthy of a post on THG.

August 1 ... the Mayans were only off by six months.


When I was a kid, before the age of innteret porn, my friend and I were rummaging around his older brother's room one day after school, trying to find his weed. Instead, we found a porno mag full of the most hideous, fat abominations I had ever seen. I was absolutely shocked to find out that there were people out there who jerked it to that kind of shit (no offense, Burnsy). Imagine that being shocked that someone was yanking to fat chicks. All that shit seems so trivial now.


She is no different then illegal that enter the U.S. and have a shit load of kids stay in a small house or apartments get on the welfare system make taxs payer pick the tab


Nadya is beautiful & talented. She is much hotter than Beyonce or Angelina.


This junk octo-bus need to be executed by Taliban as they did to one just last week for prostitution and adultery, PISS-off you idiot octo-bus.


Say what ya'll want she is finding ways to feed her kids and take care of the. Ever since the public assistant and welfare came to light. I can honestly say she is doing whatever takes even thought I dont agree with the jobs she's doing but at least she's working.


continued: She actually DELIBERATELY bent her opponent's fingers in the first 15 seconds at an entertainment pillow fight sending her victim to the hospital with broken fingers now in a cast. All what I say is on video, in interviews, and in government documents.
There is evidence of all of it. Please make her go away.


Is she for real?


Terri, she's spending a lot of money on herself. Plastic surgery, Botox, expensive designer clothes, her hair...while claiming to need welfare to feed the kids. Only fools think she's doing this for the kids. As Suze Orman made known after Nadya herself shared how much money she's been given sine the birth of the babies, Nadya has blown through enough money to have raised all those kids until they're 18. To Nadya, the kids are the means to an end. She wants personal fame, and having those kids has given her the chance at personal fame. She turned down a legit job offer to be a production assistant being paid $1,000 PER DAY. No personal glory in that job. Her kids come last in her world.


Right, hope our ears will be alright!


Seriously? :/ I hope those singing lessons came in handy because she already blinded my eyes :/

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